Avoid These Online Marketing Mistakes To Get More Business Leads

Every realized why your buy priligy in india online marketing strategy effectiveness is slowly decreasing over the time. Is your sales lead generation techniques giving you a appropriate response? You might be doing these http://freedailysameness.com/https:/ common online marketing mistakes to Home Page get more business leads.

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This blog would highlight what are the common women seeking men on mingle in geneva ny digital marketing mistakes business owners make.  It would also help you in generating sales  leads for your business.

Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them To Get More Business leads

If you are missing any of these digital marketing techniques then it is the right time to learn & start doing.

1. Not being in trend –
This is the biggest online marketing mistake small business to. This must be avoided starting from now.

There is only one thing in past that has not changed that is change itself. There is a great change in technology, website building platforms, usage platforms and in social media platforms.

Most of the small business have good company website but have hardly checked whether these are updated according to time or not. In order to get more business leads to grow business, every business has to keep pace with these rapid changes.

Being in trend is not hard. It does not take much of time. It just takes some more reading & application. We would talk about results of those significant changes that is affecting your online marketing response.

 2. Mobile friendliness of the website –

When was the last time did you check that your website is mobile friendly or not? It would be interesting for you to know that google have started promoting mobile responsive website in search engine results.

Look at the brg.com report. On Oct-2017, Mobile & Tablet internet users have crossed the desktop users. There should be no doubt that number of mobile internet users would be keep increasing time to time.

Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes done by small business owners & and How To Avoid Them To Get More Business leads

Have you missed this bus? Don’t worry check now.

You can still convert your website to more responsive website designs. WordPress & other platforms have hundreds & thousands of multipurpose websites themes for any business type.

Some of them are –

SEO optimized Multi Purpose wordpress themes

3. Business blog writing –

Google have started giving preference to quality pages now. Only having a good product page would no longer guarantee of getting good rank in Google. The quality parameters for web pages are also changing over the time.  Business blogging are form of content marketing. Business blog posts are gaining Google page ranks. Few small companies are outsmarting competition by converting business website into blogs. You can refer few best business blogs examples for reference-

It would a mistakes for small companies to overlook advantage of business blogging.

A better page ranks means more traffic to website. More traffic means you get more business leads.

Business blogs generate leads and every business should start business blogging to avoid any further mistake. Business blogging does not cost you. Either you can convert your company website in a business website or you can add a business blog in current website. Alternatively, you can start free blogging separately using these free & paid business blogging platforms.

4. Underestimating Power of Video Marketing –

Another common mistakes of small business is not realizing power of video marketing. Videos are popular visual content. Your product videos not only get a customer attention but also get ranking on Google search engines.

Numerous studies have shown that there is a deep positive impact of having videos in product pages. If I were to summarise those studies, approximate 42% of the consumers feel more confident about buying a product after watching videos.

A videos uploaded in Youtube gets additional visitors. You must know that Youtube second best search website after Google in terms of number of searches. Additional and more business leads can be generated with videos.

This is one of the common mistakes in web marketing.  Avoid it before your competition do it.

5. Only Image, No infographics-

Infographics are more effective ways to generate leads for your business from websites and other image marketing platforms.  Most of the small businesses are content with the product images only. Whereas every product can be converted in some more useful infographics. Take a look at below example-

Approx 45% of the online visitors give more attention to a website page if it has a good image & infographics. There are specific sites who are actually in existence because images are promoted over there is far better manner.
A lot of fresh business leads can be generated from Pinterest and instagram. These are one of the best social media platform for free digital advertising.  Many of the new age business promoters are  generating leads by promoting images & infographics in Google Image, Pinterest & Instagram.

6. Not Adapting new social media platform-

It would be too harsh but it is worth it. Most of the small business owners are happy with few social media platforms. There biggest mistakes is that they are limited to facebook, google plus and twitter. Few business did move to linkedin to some extend. But there are new platforms outsmarting the traditional social media platforms.

They may not be very big like others buy are having specific set or larger visitors. These platform are helping smart marketers in business development . Few of the new age social media platform are-
  • Pinterest  – An image discovery platform that have overtaken twitter. Hugly used by professional such as interior decorators, fitness blogs, self improvement blogs to name a few.
  • Instagram – It is also a image sharing website recently acquired by facebook . The images shared on Instagram directly posted to your facebook page.
  • Reddit– A link sharing platform, comprised almost every type of visitors . Perfect for getting additional traffic to your business website.
  • Tumbler – A free blogging and link sharing platform. You can develop a community and increase followers. It could bring a good traffic as well.
7. Underestimating Facebook paid promotion –
Most small business have tried costly google PPC program but the common mistakes is not giving facebook paid promotion a try. Which is surprisingly cheaper and could be highly targeted. It is claimed by many professionals that The facebook promotion is much better sales lead generation techniques than Other PPC programs.

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