9 Personal Blog Topics For Students To Earn Pocket Money Online

As I sail through some funny, adventurous and silly memories of my student life and have smile on my face, I am going to share some out of the box, less explored, low competition personal blogging topics for students to earn pocket money online.

All students have one thing in common and that is, lack of pocket money. Off course I am not referring to students from ultra rich families. To be frank, whatever money we had during our studies was not enough in our student life.

buy clomid canada A Disclaimer – I do want that the priority for any students should be studies. However, Every students have some entrepreneur instinct hidden inside their brain and heart. This blog will boost that instinct to make it real small business case to make pocket money online. I am not talking about pocket money app and some simple but fly-by-night pocket money making websites that ask to you click some adds and promises some money in exchange.

 Personal Blog Topics For Students To Earn Pocket Money Online

Can I guarantee the definit online pocket money – Off course not.

Having said that , It is a proven fact that blogging does make money and hundreds of bloggers have chooses blogging as their full time profession after starting as a part time hobby. They were able to put their little bit of knowledge & writing skills in blogs and have made a good fortune. Read – Bloggers who are making more money then most of us make through our salary

Standing today and learning how to make a blog and makes parallel income,  I realise that the best time to start a blog was my student life. Because not only I had time but also had energy & some other experiences that people of my age or older than my age did not have. I had the some kind knowledge that  others generally did not have.

like me, You, as a student have blessed with all above. You can also start a blog and earn pocket money by investing some spare time blogging. Think again in below terms that could be the personal blog topic for your coming blog

  • Do you have set of information related to one or many things that many others might not have?
  • Do you do some experiments that your fellow classmates may have not done?
  • Do you have few more ideas that others may think as silly?
  • Have you visited several places in your locality ( And in nearby cities) that even your father had not visited?
  •  And, There could be many other things that you do, other may not be doing or don’t know how to do?
  • There are many activities in which you are the master, other want to excel and you can probably help. I am sure there are some. Am I right?

I am sure you fall under any of the above categories. This makes an excellent  opportunity for you  to make your own blog that earn you some extra pocket money. Any of the above can be converted in personal blog.  The below part of the article will help you find some personal blog topics in case you are missing some blog ideas.

Personal Blog Topics For Student to Earn Pocket Money Online

If you are a student, facing some fund crunch the this is the perfect place to learn blog niche ideas for early stage of life. Even if you are not, then also you should read the article till end, you may find some blog nich suitable for you.

For Your help we have created a video as well-

if you did not like the video then please continue to read the full article

Blog Idea 1 – How to play offline games ( Physical one)-

Wait a minute, offline games are not dead if you though the same for a while. There are hell lot of offline games that people want to learn. Or ready to learn if some good tutorial is ready to guide them. Remember-

Tutorials are best kind of personal blog topics.

Many old games are lost 21st century. It is an opportunity for bloggers explore this blog niche

Many old games are lost 21st century. It is an opportunity for bloggers explore this blog niche

My case– My roots are from villages, I remember going to my grandpa’s home during month long summer vacations every year in my childhood that continued till my graduation.  In my wonderful village we used to play a ludo type game. The difference was that around 6 to 10 people could play it together. It needed a specially crafted wooden board with some small holes and special dice made of wood. This indoor games was perfect time pass for whole family as all could play it together.

Unfortunately I don’t know the name of game and my grandparents are no more to teach me. I will find it very soon. It could be my next blog in old offline games theme.

There could be lot many offline games that I don’t know but you know. Or you can learn. Students are quick learners and they catch the tricks and tips easily.

This kind of old games or any game tutorial are best personal blog niche for students. The tutorials on how to win game , basic rules, basic vocabulary etc. could be blog topic.

Personal blogs made on games tutorials attracts most loyal and repetitive visitors. These can become popular very easily. Well written tutorials would be shared on social media as well.

The other best part is, It is easy to make youtube channel for offline games tutorial . Youtube is another best platform to make money by creating you own personal channel on “how to learn that game”.

Making money –


For a blog on offline games tutorial there could be many ways to monetize. Google Adsense would be the first choices for extra pocket money. Based on the type of games you are blogging. On, Amazon associates program cloud be another good option to make money. If you can find any specific very are old game. them you can even sell it on amazon and promote it through your personal blog.

Blog Idea 2 – How to win a online game


Online games are in craze now. In our student life we were limited to games like mario, contra and tanks. We learn these old games in our friends home then bought it for ourselves.

Now no one wants to go out .Everyone wants to play online game and search online to learn the games. Tutorials on how to cross  stages in online games finds very interested readers.

 blog idea to make money in 2018

There are few teenage bloggers who are earning well by writing blogs and by making videos in how to win that games. If you are enthusiastic about online games and have been playing games then this is enough reason for you to start your own blog on online games tutorial. Here are few examples-

They are earning much more than just pocket money online, What’s your take on this personal blog idea?
Money making –
Online games related tutorial are prefered by marketers as serious audience are found reading tutorials and watching related videos. You can earn pocket money by making not only by from  Google adsense but also by showing banners and affiliate marketing.

Blog Idea 3 – How to pass exams

This is for some studious and intelligent short of students. If you are preparing for a exam or even if you are not interested but know how to prepare for that particular exam then your are game for it.

Write personal blogs on this subject and give some free tips and hide most of them. For detailed help you can write ebooks. Free tips will attract interested ones and the persone in need would buy your tutorial. Remember a quote that is related to blogging community-
If you are good at something never do it for free- The Dark Knight Movie.
This is a famous dialogue from none other than joker from the movie.

Blog Idea 4 – How to use a popular or new app –

This is an era of app, right from the banking to government organization , every organization with big client base is making apps. Every Other company is marketing apps like anything. However very less number of organizations are adapting blogging as an approach to teach users about using this apps.

It is a perfect opportunity. This makes a perfect personal blog niche topic for a student. This blog idea does not need expertise and research. Just use few of the highly popular apps yourself, Go to every corner of the app and learn it. You can write blogs topics on “how to do this in app” and “how to do that in app” . These all will be your blog post topics many users might be searching on Google.

An app with millions of downloads will have as many users. Many of them are willing to know how to use it. This blogging idea is a easy kill for everyone.


Making money-


A personal blog with good traffic will have many ways to make money. You can earn pocket money from google adsense , affiliate marketing, chitika, infolinks, shareasale and lot of other option are open for you.

Blog Idea 5 – What’s new on new apps

Students are early adopters of any new things. This is applicable for new apps as well. Every now and then a new app in launched for every need of common life. There are more than 1000 apps for only music streaming . People want to know about then even before they use it. As a Student, you can test & write reviews.

Boring , what is new about is ahh, you talked about this in previous point.
I know you are thinking in that way but there is still opportunity of different kind. What I am talking about is to research different kind of app. The alternatives to popular apps is perfect , make a list of those app and write blog on the collection of the app. Few examples are-
  • List of apps to check to decorate home
  • List of apps to improve spoken english
  • List of apps to improve pronunciation
  • List of apps to convert speech to text
  • List if apps to spy in others
  • List of apps to remotely monitor home

The list goes on. You can help people by making such list. All u need to do is some research. Make Google your bestfriend for research on apps, Make your mobile you lab and start writing blogs.

Making money –


Apart from “what-has-been-already-mentioned you can earn pocket money by entering into specific agreement with few of such app developer. There are many app owner or marketer  who pay on per download basis.

Blog Idea 6 – Find and review new gadgets

A lot has been written about mobile and iphone but less has been written about supporting goods and gadgets. Even if some blogs have been written there is still opportunity to create your brand of blog in many niche. Few examples of less explored blog niche for students are-

 Blog niche to make money in 2018
-Gadgets for Automotive
-New gadgets for mobile
– PC related new gadgets
-TV accessories & connectivity to internet related
-Digital wearables etc.
These could be many more good blog niche for a student to write about in this segment.

Making money-


Getting approval from Amazon associate program is best way to make money from blogs related to these gadgets. Because whatever you write about could be found in Amazon. You will get commission on sales by traffic going out from your website .

Blog Idea 7- Upcoming employment opportunity site

As a Student you are always looking for an employment opportunity. Whether you are interested or not but you come across such opening . Or you know these informations because these thanks are discussed in every streets in colleges. Not all students have such informations or sometime miss such information. This could be your opportunity to start a personal blog as community online whereas all such employment opportunities are written.

A personal blog with such good information would be very useful for students of your generation and coming generation as well. I hope that anyone creates such blogs would get good following.

Making money-

This could be long shot. If you are really able to make a world class website then some international big website may even buy your website at handsome price .

Blog Idea 8 – Macro level local guide

Students in any area visit many good places that other may not have seen in your locality. Lot has been written about the popular tourist places but very less blogs are found for specific localities. Local guide and local exploration is definitely a blog niche that has low competition.
You can write on-
  • Picnic spots,
  • Things to do in groups,
  • Places to visit in any specific seasons ,
  • Games to play in group,
  • Place for dating etc. in your locality

Blog Idea  9 – Local Street Eating Blog

Students can also write in local street foods sold by some ultra low profile street vendors in your locality or near by town that you visit. Local street vendors are still less explored. If you are foodie then you know it very well.

How to make money blogging

Money Making-


Local sites will have local advertisers. You may have to work harder and approach some initial business locally to get advertisement in you blog. Once you become popular you can put a banner for sale in you blog website header.

Hope, The liked the all blogging ideas, Share if you have some more blog niche for student to help them earn pocket money.

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