What is Realistic Time to Make Money From Blog or Website

If it has been few months for you to have started blogging then this is the question you might have asked many times “When will you start making money from your blog or website”.

It is at times frustrating not getting enough rewards in terms of money.

I am sure you want to know the realistic time taken by a blog or website to make money. This blog would try to answer it.

I gone through with lots of interviews of top bloggers (One of my regular habit) and try to get answer from them.

Top blogger Neil patel has said it takes time to build a income from blogging. Making money from blog is not a overnight game.

Realistic Time to Make Money from blog or website

What is Realistic Time to Make Money From Blog or Website, How                         much time a blog takes to make money

Another top notch blogger Darren Rowse has cautioned risky blogger.  He speak from his own experience that there is no money in short term from blogging.

Realistic Time to Make Money

Useful Read-
No one can actually predict a realistic time to make money out of your blog or website.
Most of the successfully bloggers who make big money from blogging have somewhere mentioned that –

“Money making from blog is a direct function of traffic coming to it.”


Does that mean you should only wait till you start making money automatically.

No absolutely not.

This simply means that you should speed up process of getting more traffic. Traffic is the key to make more money & to make money quickly out of a blog.

How to grow traffic quickly to make money 

Traffic is something that you can control, generate and increase time to time. Not being dependent on SERP ( Search Engines result pages) is one of the best option. As traffic from search engines ( Organic traffic) grows slowly.

If you are relatively new and want to monetize the blog quickly then focus on increasing inorganic traffic.

How to grow your blog’s traffic inorganically-

If you are applying  all short of on page SEO and off page SEO techniques, you have to give some time to your page to rank well.

Traffic from better PageRank is a organic traffic that will take time to grow. Just like a sprout that takes it’s own time to develop and grow.

The following are few tips to increase inorganic traffic to monetize your website quickly-

1) Go Ultra Social– Ultra social marketing is active social media marketing.

Simply posting links in social media is passive social media marketing. You post and pray for social media traffic and get a few visitors.

Ultra social media marketing is utilizing full potential and opportunities of social media. Driving more and more traffic from social media is easier with following simple tricks-”

  • Increase the frequency – A post should be posted 5 to 10 times in each social media platforms in 10 days schedule.
  • Use different keywords each time with each post.
  • Use tools like buffet to schedule the posting.
  • For a new comer, Your social media page should be kind of News Screen. in every few minutes there should be a different update.
Advantage of being Ultra Active in social media
  • All social media sites promotes active pages then normal pages in “Inside Search Results”
  • A more active page gets more likes
    It also results in more shares
  • Chances of getting better inbound links increases.
  • Ultimately you get more traffic
2) Image sharing is a killer strategy. – A striking and catching images gets more views, shared more and chances of getting viral would be more.
  • Post image in social media separately.
  • Watermark your domain in image.
  • Put some description with image and
  • Give a good title having long tail keywords as well.
  • Post images in facebook via instagram
  • Share the images in Pintrest as well

3. Ultra smart commenting in other social networks – Use social page of famous personalities in your niche as your platform. As and when they share something be the first to write a good & catchy comments.  Leave link of your website or pages along with comments.

They have a lot of fun following they would reach the post, many of them would read your comments as well. This is your opportunity.

4. Use Quora is smarter way– Quora is becoming popular day by day. Due to its quality audience and no bulshit type seriouse writers.

I have written a dedicated blog on “Tips to use quora to get more traffic to your website“. Read it as well.

5. Commenting on other related forums- Forums commenting may take time but it is a free short term traffic. Identify the big forum in your niche. And again get a first mover advantage by commenting & writing on forums.

6. Facebook paid marketing- If you feed you have some good stuff then facebook paid marketing would work for you. because

  • Facebook is a cheap marketing practice- In a budget of $2 to $5 you can be visible to approximate 1000 + audience
  • You can easily get good number of email subscriber with such campaigns .
  • You can choose your target audience as well.
7. Email marketing – Once you get few email subscriber, you can plan some promotion campaign for them to get first few sales. Email subscribers are most loyal reader if you content is good.

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