Reality Behind Free & Cheap Domain Name Registration

The internet is flooded with the adds regarding cheap domain name registration or domain free with any hosting plans. If you have been searching for the domain name for quite some times then you must have seen those adds multiple times. With my own experience I would like to advice all bloggers and domain name seekers to check the reality behind the cheap domain name registration or free domain name with hosting plan. The picture is not as cosy as it may seem. Let us understand the darker or sometime hidden part of offers or deals related to free or cheap domain name registration offers.

1. First Time Cheap Domain Name Registration vs Renewal Cost :-The offer for first time domain registration may seem very lucrative but do check what could be the renewal price. Most of the domain purchased by a serious blogger is for long run. It is very likely that the domain renewal cost will be much more then the first year cost. Ultimately the two year cost ( First year + renewal for one year ) may be more.

Hot Tips :- If you are a first time blogger then go for these cheap domain name offers Or buy a one year hosting plan that offers a domain name registration free with one year subscription. If you have some experience and know that you can make it big then do go for multiple year package for domain name registration. Do not be trapped by these cheap domain name offers.


Free Cheap Domain Name Registration
2. Cost of Other Service with domain name registration :- It is highly likely that a domain name is purchased with privacy protection plan. Some times this cost is much more then domain registration cost and it not mentioned in adds. Read the offer carefully before purchasing the domain name.A quick guide on privacy protection for newbies:- A Privacy protection plan hides your contact details from general public. If you are new to blogging then it is adviced to always club privacy protection plan with domain name registration. So that your contact details are not visible and privacy is protected.

3. There is nothing like free service or cheap domain name registration – See, Domain name registration might be offered at discounted rate but why the marketer do so? Because it gets your email id that will be used to further market their other products and services. The companies that sells the first time domain at very lower cost often have hight prices for other services. They make profit out of selling other services like Hosting plans, email marketing plans at often high price.

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