Reality Behind The List Of Top Google AdSense Earning Websites

It is a wild guess that every blogger who wants to make money online search for “list of top Google AdSense earning websites In India or in World”.

Prove me wrong.
check my reference Top Google AdSense Earning Websites
The bitter reality
-These so called list do not tell you the real fact. Three are is no third party that can actually tell how much exactly a website is earning from Google Adsense. Very rude it may sound but it the the reality. Who can tell the actual Google Adsense earning from a specific website- There are only two parties who have the correct information about the google adsense revenue.

First, Google itself and
Second, the owner of the website ( Who is actually receiving the AdSense income).

For the obvious reasons and Google own strictly privacy policy, it do not disclose adsense earning of any website publicly. Tell me if you have heard of it?

And an owner of a websites may or may not discloses its adsense income.

How The List of Top Google AdSense Earning Websites Made

Few bloggers do make those list of top Google AdSense earning websites, mainly to attract the traffic. Basically these list are prepared based on two facts finding methods

1. Based on estimated earning -Most of these list are made with the estimated income prediction. There are certain tools available online  that can predict adsense income of a website based on the keyword used and traffic generated from website.
2. Earning reposts -Some of these list are prepared by looking into the earning report shared by the website owners.

But do you really think that owner of each website from that top 10 google Adsense earning list share the income?

Not really.
So the next time when you try to see those list, just be clear that those may not be the exact Adsense earning report. Those list do give us a fair idea of how much a blog related to that niche may earn from Google Adsense.  That could motivate you as well. It completely depends on that website owner that how he wants to be make money .Is he dependent on Google adsense only or would try other mode of earning? Many would consider later one.

Most of these successful blogger are not dependent on Google adsense for money. Mind it.  If Someone is getting 100000 visits a month he would better try to earn multiple times by doing affiliate marketing.


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