Step-to-Step Guide To Remove Low Quality Backlinks From Website

It is no hidden fact the bad backlinks affect SEO and domain authority of your website adversely. This blog would guide you to remove low quality backlinks from your website’s search console effectively helping you to increase SEO factor of your website. After following the tips shared in this blog, you should be able to –

How To Remove Low Quality Backlinks From Website

In order to get rid of there are only three simple steps that you need to follow and it is worth it. These simple steps are-

  • Step 1 – Identify bad backlinks.
  • Step 2 – Shortlisting bad backlinks  & create disavow file
  • Step 3 – Submit disavow file to google using disavow link
We have shared each steps in the below video as well. This video tutoria will also be a great help.

In case you want to know in detail then keep reading the article.

Let’s learn each steps one by one-

Step 1 Identify bad backlinks- This is the most cumbersome task for every one. There might be thousands of bad bad links pointing to your website. We would try to make it easy. follow simple path in your google search console ( Earlier know as google webmaster tool).

  • Login to google search console
  • Select your website ( if you have more then one)
  • Click on search traffic
  • Click on links to your site
  • Click on more (as all links and domain would not be visible in this screen)
  • Then click on download latest links

The following two image would help you to understand the above steps in better manner-

Step-to-Step Guide To Remove Low Quality Backlinks From Website

Step-to-Step Guide To get rid of Low Quality Backlinks From Website

Search console screen after clicking on “More”

Step 2 – Shortlisting bad backlinks  & create disavow file- 

After clicking on download option, all the links “good or bad ” would be downloaded in CSV format. now you have to create a disavow file. This will will carry the list of all links that you want to disavow. In order to create disavow file

  • Open the csv file
  • Remove the good quality links one by one or remove the links that you want to keep
  • Copy the remaining links (obviously these are the bad links according to you)
  • Open a blank text file and paste the copied links from csv files
  • Save the text file with bad links in you PC

how to remove toxic backlinks for SEO

Step 3 Submit disavow link file to google –

Now the third and final step to get rid of bad backlinks.

  • Just click on this link. It will directly take you to google disavow link. You need to be logged in. 
  • Choose your website
  • Click on disavow link & again click on disavow link
  • Choose disavow link file  (The text file that you have prepared & save at the last of step 2)
  • Click on submit
Submit disavow link file to google

Submit disavow link file to google

That’s it.

What happens next- Give some time to google, Those links to your website will not be deleted from the source but google will stop counting them as a link to your website.


The above process is simple and easy to learn, However it has certain limitations too-

-You need to judge yourself which link is bad for you.

-The above process is all manual and has to be repeated time to time.

The alternative- How to get rid of bad backlinks at one go?

The alternate way to get rid of toxic backlink is to take help of online tools. If you are business owner or have a website that attracts heavy visitors, the chances are that backlinks may increase frequently. Semrush is once such tool. In our dedicated blog Best Way To Get Rid Of Toxic & Bad Backlinks At One Go we have written how to save time with the help of this tool which is very useful for professional website.

The advantage –

-Semrush will help you to identify the bad backlinks as well.

-Semrush tool will not only filter the links but also tells you the domain authority of the domains so that you can remove the links from low domain authority.


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