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My few years of website building and blogging experience says that few simple search engine optimization techniques can beat expert content writing. In other words your blog can beat an a subject matter expert’s blog in google search result if you can follow these simple SEO tips.

There are many subject matters experts, renowned personalities are who are writing excellent blogs in fields of economics, finance, medicals, health care, fitness etc, I can very confidently say that the bloggers with comparatively less knowledge of the subject are beating these experts because  they are quite better in understanding the search engine and are able to optimize their blog accordingly.

This 3 minutes search engine optimization techniques guide will help you to understand few of those blogging techniques. These SEO tips do not require  you to be technical expert as these are easy kill guide. True it is and I will show you how.

Important note :-You should apply these tips post writing your blog and you should always follow the basic of a quality blogging that talk about original content, basics hygiene in language, If you need you can take help from Google quality guideline  .

I am sure that while writing or before writing you must have chosen a keyword or keyphrase that your blog mostly represent and that is targeted to a niche audience. If not than read – Best keyword analytics tools to find long tail keyword 


Search Engine Optimization Techniques to get higher ranking in Google Search


1. Slug Optimization :- The way you blog post is represented ans is shown in Google Search result is given a substantial & critical importance by search engines. Just insure that the keyword or rather key phrase is inserted appropriately in

search engine optimization techniques

If you are using WordPress as a blogging platform then this job become more easy . You can use Yoast SEO plugin. Basic version is free .The installation and setup takes 4-5 minutes and is a one time activity.Then you can follow the tip no 1 to optimize the slug of the blog post for search engine.

2. Put the keyword and phrase in first paragraph and in the heading of the blog at least once. This helps the search engine to determine that the blog post has some relevant content in the body of the blog. Please note, No one can try to fool Google with these stuffing hence using the keyword or phrase unnecessary in headings and in text will not give any positive results. Just be smart and use it in heading once or twice.

3. Image optimization :-The blog post must have a image. The Alt text of the image must have the Key phrase or keyword . Write 1 to 2 lines of the description in the image as well. At least put the the first paragraph of the blog in the image discretion. Use of many images is not good from search engine point of view. Use the images if only required. Read- How to optimize images in the blog post for higher search engine ranking.

4. Internal and external links :- Your blog post must have many internal links and one or two external most related external links. This signals the search engines that your blog talk  about the relevant things. There are many ways to build internal and external links. We will soon put more information about this in this place to help you in a better manner.

5. Put the blog post immediate in all social media pages as soon as possible. Facebook, Google +, twitter are highly popular for social media marketing. I have a habit of finding the forums before writing a blog . What I do is after finishing a blog post I post comments on those forums and give links of the latest blog . This process not only increase my social media present but also gives me more traffic and more links to my own blog.

Search engine love that.

6. Write long blog post – The blog post length should not be small. The blog post much have 2000 to 3000 words.

Read- What is the Ideal blogpost length for SEO (Search engine optimization)

7.  Submit this to google for crawl and index . Let google know that you have all new blog and ready to take on the competition .

That’s it . These basics search engine optimization techniques takes around 3 minutes post writing a blog and almost solves your basic search engine optimization problem. There might be more and more tips in the world of search engine optimization technology But theses keep it simple & dominates most of other tips.
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