Self Hosted or What is Better for You?

After my earlier blog 8 Differences Between & Blogger I thought it will be better to go in some deep and give my reader a in detailed guide on the difference between vs in order to conclude what is best for you – Self Hosted or

This blog will help you to learn-
  • The critical differences between and
  • The advantage one has over other
  • The limitation of one over other
  • Ultimately it will be a guide for you to chose between Self Hosted or according to your requirement.
    Self Hosted or

    Self Hosted or


I will be very clear at starting , is always , Always a better choice for web hosting and blogging. I have many proven points to establish my point but I want be be very fair as well. This blog will cover all the positive side of as well.

Lets start one by one
1.The main difference (Most critical)  is that WordPress.Org is a self hosted service where as is all in one kind of service. In other word choosing means you have to separately  –
  • Buy a domain
  • Buy a hosting service plan that supports WordPress
  • Buy a theme ( few basic theme are available for free ) and then
  • You have to host the website in the domain.
In other words, you can call  a kind of find here do it yourself web hosting service/tool .
Will that take time ? If yes then how much? Can a lay man do that? How much will be the total cost ? Read the complete article , you will get all answers. It is quite better to understand before I answer the above questions. is all in one solution where as you don’t need to purchase domain, hosting services or theme separately and hence you do not need to run pillar to post to host and configure the hosting . Just choose a plan accordingly to your requirement , pay and it’s is done ( off course you have to choose domain of your choice but you will not have to buy domain from any where else separately).

2. Time taken in hosting vs – After the above point you must be thinking that will take lot of time and will take less time.
Let me be clear, the assumption is wrong , hosting does not take too much time and is very convenient. There may be some difference but that is in few minutes not more then that. Looking at the disadvantage of the time taken will not be any issue .

3. Hosting rights and control of your website :- In you are the owner and you are in full control of your website. No one can come and stop your site unless government want it. That too if you break some law of land. Host what ever you want to host with

In, though you pay to own website but you are not in full control. may stop your website in case there is some complaint or legal issues.  This points makes it clear that ( self hosted ) should be your choice.

4. Control on earning of your site :- It is a biggest disadvantage of over will show it’s own ads in your blog hosted with without sharing the revenue and irony is that you have to pay if you don’t want the ads to run in your website.
5. Price :- has clear advantage over Since self hosting services are sold by third party. They give you much better pricing over .

The conclusion what is best for you “Self Hosted or”

If You what full control of the website, want to earn more, and can invest a very little more time ( at once ) to host website of your choice Then must go for , commonly known as self hosted wordpress.
If above do not bother you too much and all In one works better for you then go for


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