3 SEO Tips Before Starting New Website or Blog

Yes, SEO process starts even before starting a website. In my below two blog I have mentioned why your blog post is not showing on google search results and guided about some in page & off page SEO activities that one must do to get higher search engine ranking and to get more organic search traffic.

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Search Engine Optimization Techniques

In this blog we will talk about what should we do even before starting website to get desire organic search traffic and get SEO advantage.

SEO Tips Before Starting New Website

You would be able to learn –
– What are the factors other then( in page & off page ) determine search  traffic in your website.
– What should you do even before starting a website to get better organic traffic.

Before going ahead, It is very important for you to decide two key points related to your new website. Keep answer of following three questions-
 1. Do you want traffic from a specific country or from entire world ?
2. Do you want a domain that is specific to the topic of the website or it is a generic name ?

Now that you have answered the above two questions , follow through three factors that may increase or decrease the traffic according to your choice:-

1. Domain name – In case you have decided to opt a domain name that is related to the topic of the website then do lot of research on keywords and choose a domain name that has a keyword which represents the website as a whole and is widely searched.
For example if topic of your blog or website  is related to fitness then then in order to get SEO advantage choose a domain that has fitness or related keywords.
A example may be Like –
Take help of google keyword tool to know all related keyword and to know their monthly volume. A domain with a keyword that has larger search volume is likely to get better ranking and will give you better search engine traffic.
Learn more with following blog-
2. Domain name extension  – Search engine analyse a domain in multiple ways and give importance accordingly. The other factor is domain name extension . Extension plays a vital role in geographic related search engine traffic.
.com is considered as a universal domain name extension where as there are many country specific domain like .us for USA, .uk for UK etc.So if you are targeting a country specific traffic then choose the domain name extension accordingly.

3. Website Host location – It is also very important from search engine point of view that where is the location of your website hosting server. The website hosted in us server will be quickly uploaded in case a us visitor clicks on it in comparison with a website hosted in Indian server or Asia Pacific servers. And thus search engine even give priority to website which is hosted nearer to user who is searching on search engines.

Although the difference of timing of uploading two websites at different host location is in fraction of seconds but it ks vital from SEO perspective.

The conclusion – A website maker or blogger should be smart enough to choose a domain name, domain name extension  and website host to get SEO advantage even before launching a website .
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