SEO Tips and Tricks-How I Got Google First Page Rank

With many years of blogging experience I have learned few visit this page search engine optimization techniques and applied it in 5 blog post and I was able to click for info get Google first page rank  cost of mysoline for free that means without paying a single penny to Google. You will find all those on page SEO Tips and Tricks to get higher ranking in search engine.

SEO Tips and Tricks-How I Got Google First Page Rank

I would just like to share that like many of you even I have struggled a lot for first page ranking. It was a distant dream for me when my initial few blog post failed to get preferred or first page rank on Google.

Forget about making money, even visitors were rare after 4 month of blogging. With 27 post and 4 month old domain hosted in WordPress I was getting only 200 visitors a month. It was a blog that was related to help online users to get self help on credit cards and banking related services .

But then after adapting some different approach in keyword selection (Opting long tail keywords),  Competitor’s keyword analysis and some experiments resulted in google first page rank for gew of my blog post.

Here is the snapshot Google Search Console that shows position of few of my blog post.

SEO Tips and Tricks-How I Got Google First Page Rank

One more point, It was not a hit-and-miss kind of  experiments. In blogging you have to do a lot of hit-and-miss type of experiments but this was well planned . It was well planned because I learned something that helped me and still helping me to get google first page ranking. I want to share all those learning with you all.

However not every blog post get that much good ranking ( Even I too have a very few badly ranked blog post and pages ) but I can assure that these on page SEO tips are more than 50%  of SEO work ( There are some off page activities that should also be done to complete the 360 degree SEO, We will cover that separately ) and most of blogs should get good ranking after following these SEO Tips and Tricks for first page ranking on Google.


My On page SEO Tips and Tricks – What I Did to Get First Pagerank in Google Search


1. Focused keyword selection : Earlier I just used to pic laptop or mobile and used to write a blog and would paste it as a blog post & used to leave it to Google to index. Result was frustrating, as this should have been. I wrote blogs to help others and earn out of it and was committing some anti SEO mistakes. They were unique blog topics ( I had no doubt about that) but were poorly ranked.

Now, after failure I learned very important lesson

Your blog has to be differently presented to Google

–  Keyword /Key Phrase selection (for Blog Niche) has to be according to what is more searched by users. 

So now, once I complete the blog writing I do a lot of research on keyword. In other word I try to find what is the related keyword or key phrases that are currently searched, Or rather I try to find the keywords those are searched more but are low in competition. I take a lot of help from Google trend and Google keyword planner. I try to find three or more keyword or keyword combinations that are mostly searched in the google.

Hot tips :- Use  keyword those are low in competition and high in search volume because there are chances that your blog will be given preferences as google may not find relevant pages or may find less number of blog post related to those keyword.

Example :-If you are writing a travel blog and want to write about “pubs in Las Vegas

Then try keyword like”clubs in las vegas”. Reason, The Google  keyword planner has more searches for keywords “las vegas clubs” & “clubs in las vegas” then keyword “pubs in las Vegas”
SEO Tips and Tricks-How I Got Google First Page Rank
2. Long tail key phrase -Once I find the right combination then I try to find best key phrase or long tail key phrase. Think about the the visitors or reader. How the would be thinking to find the best clubs in Las vegas.  Focus on the Niche, what extra or different you can make.
A best key phrase has
  • A striking line,
  • Some adjectives
  • It Starts with numbers  and
  • end with leaving some questions, curiosity and eagerness to read

Think about the following line that focus on more niche :-

  • clubs in Las vegas with live music
  • night clubs in Las vegas for couples

Few digits ( numbers) and and adjectives make it a striking long tail key phrase-

  • 10 best strip night clubs in las vegas for couples

This tip alone has almost 50 % effectiveness on search engine optimization. For me, this is the most important  SEO Tips and Tricks.

Alternatively you can use some online keyword tools that may help you to find well ranked keywords 


3. Key phrase must be in the SEO title of the blog-  It should in Meta description and it should in the slug of the blog . In the slug you can remove the stop world. The key phrase should also be in alt text of the image in the blog (you must not post a blog without a image ) the key phrase should also come in to the heading of the blog.

4. Yoast SEO plug in WordPress can give you a one page direction on all above points . It will give your blog green, orange and red category according to SEO friendliness. Do not post a blog without getting a green signal from Yoast. Even if you have to write the blog post again. My all post are green in Yoast parameters. Learn more-

How to Make WordPress Blog Post SEO Friendly Yoast Plugin

5. Write a blog with more than 1000 words and do not use those keywords again and again . 4 to 5 times is more than enough . Put the post in relevant categories and tag then appropriately.

If you are a good writer and want to play for long run, Write even longer blog post. The well ranked blog post have even more than 2000 words. Read- Ideal blog post rank for better ranking in Google search results. 

6. Linking Other blog post Put some important external and internal link in the blog post . Even if those links are from out side of your blog.
7. Social Media Marketing  :– Put the blog link in all social media pages you have. The best way to share the blog post in all social media pages is buffer. Buffer enables you to share a blog post in facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus & Twitter at one go.
This will not only save your time but also give you better social sharing experience.
8. Use of image :- Use a image in the blog post and put Keyword in the Alt text of the image. Read- How to optimize image for better search engine ranking. 
9. Search Engine Submission –Then submitted the blog to Google for early indexingImportant Read-


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