SEO Tools To Check Website Ranking Against Keyword In Google Search Results

A smart digital marketer should periodically check go right here where his or her web page is ranking in search engines results pages against the keyword he has used. It’s a proven fact that website or page ranking is not static in nature. Website or webpage rank will definitely increase or decrease time to time. Effectiveness of your Website SEO activities can be checked or validated by determining whether the ranking are moving in right direction. This blog would suggest you some basic and advanced SEO tools to check website ranking against keyword in google search results so that you can analyse and review your SEO strategy.

Before that ask a question to yourself, why does the page ranking changes over the time?

There are many factors that contributes in variation in page ranking, some of the significant reasons are –

1. Change in Google Algorithm
2. Increase or decrease in competition SEO activities
3. Increase or decrease in good or bad backlinks that you may not be aware of.
4. Change in Your own SEO activity website activity level
5. Change in user behaviour (Change in keyword or words used in search items).

SEO Tools To Check Website Ranking Against Keyword In Google Search Results

do i need prescription for accutane 1. Google Webmaster Tool (Google Search Console)  – Google webmaster tool or commonly called as google search console in the first and most popular tools to check the website page ranking against keywords. The basic way to find your website ranking for all keyword used in your website by looking at the search matrixes. Follow simple steps-


Login to Google Search Console
Select the property ( Your Website in case there are more then one )
Go to Search Traffic
Go to Search Analytics
Then Select “Position in first row & Queries in second row”  (refer the image below)
You would be able to see the average position ( average page rank of your website with all keywords.
After the above screen You would be able to see the keyword ranking table (Refer below this screen), Here, Your website’s ranking or pagerank against all keyword would be visible in tabular form. You can download it as well. In order to analyse the ranking over the period of time, You can download the same data in every 15 days or in every 30 days. In an excel sheet compare the average position against each keyword or keyphrase.
There is better alternative to Google Search Console as well. Read point 2

2. SEMRUSH.comBefore I say anything about Semrush, I would like to have a view on SEO analysis done by Semrush on domain, Refer the below image. It is clearly capable of showing lot many aspects of search engine ranking such as paid keyword, Organic Traffic trends, Best competitors, Keywords used by competitors, Your top anchors keywords, backlink information and lot more. Semrush is clearly a winner as far as a SEO tools is concerned that enables you to analyze traffic & ranking of your website for greater level of analysis of any SEO activity done in past or planned for the future.



3. – Though the main features of Moz  as a SEO tool is that Moz can give you keyword suggestion to help you find keyword alternatives. It is also very good to do SEO audit for your website contents. MOZ can also analyze SERPs for a website. Only basic & limited keyword research is free in Moz, A comprehensive keyword research research & website ranking analysis in SERP is paid.

4. Ahrefs :- Ahrefs is one of the best SEO Tools to analyze and improve search traffic, With this even you can do a lot of research on your competitors keyword. Ahrefs helps you to learn why your competitors are ranking so high and what you need to do to outrank them. With Ahrefs SEO toolbar you can instantly get all the most important SEO metrics for any page you visit like Ahrefs Rank, Domain Rating, URL Rating,Number of backlinks, Number of referring domains & other important Social metrics.

5. Buzzsumo :-Buzzsumo may not be best SEO tools to analyse keyword but it mainly focuses on other important aspect of SEO that is backlinks. Buzzsumo gives the perfect backlinks and social share information of a domain. It may not be the best competitors keyword discovery tools but for finding the backlinks and finding engagement of the competitor’s  URLs, It works well.

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