3 Steps Approach to Supplement Your Salary With Income From Blogging

Quitting a full-time job is a big risk. Specially if you thinking about starting a blog for the first time. As full-time job brings lots of financial comforts. You can supplement your salary with income from blogging for greater perks like freedom, more money, self generated fame and self satisfaction.

Approach to Supplement Your Salary With Income From Blogging
You are reading this because you want something more then what this regular job gives you or will give in future, and you are absolutely in right path. A path to freedom.

There is no doubt that you can generate a good income from blogging. More than enough to supplement your income from fulltime job. If you have any doubt then read- These bloggers are making more money than your salary from blogging income. 

But before we go ahead please note –

buy disulfiram in uk You can not “naturally” supplement your salary with income from blogging but you can do it “strategically”.

There are highly successful people who have done it before-

check these guys out Pat flying of smartpassiveincome.com started Making money online when he has no job. Actually he was laid off due to famous financial downturns of 2008-09. Commonly known as Subprime crisis.

During these tough time what he did was now is a iconic motivational story for every aspiring blogger.  He earns in s azithromycin 250mg 3 tablets price in india ix digit per month.


Michelle is another example who started blogging when she was debt ridden. She wanted to pay off the debt a common situation where most of us find at least once in life. She made huge money from blogging and still making it . Earning more than 100K a month gives her a life that she ever wanted to live.

Neil patel failed miserably after initial success in blogging now he is a iconic entrepreneur in online analytic industry.

Harsh agarwal of shoultmeloud.com started from scratch after leaving full time job and made blogging as full time career. He is now one of the most successful bloggers in india.

Click here to learn how these must successful bloggers earn per month


The list of successful people in blogging is huge and so is the list if the failures.  You must read biggest blogging mistakes of rich and successful bloggers.

It is a proven fact that you can supplement your salary with income from blogging. But it has to be done in calculative manner.

Darren Rouse of Problogger.com have cautioned that you should not leave your full time all of sudden. Making money from blogging takes it’s own time.

Blogging will give you ample opportunity to make enough money to replace your income from fulltime job. For that your approach should be right.

Three steps approach to supplement your salary with income from blogging

1. Start a money making blog along with your full-time job.- Never take full risk. Leaving full-time job without a good experience is like gamble. Your luck plays a part not your skill.

The right approach to supplement your income is to start blogging along with full time job. Do part time blogging in spare time. Spend more hours in weekend. Make  less friend in this transaction period. Read- How to find time to write a blog

Start earning from blogging. Take the right approach to monetise your blog. Read – How bloggers get paid”Top 10 Money making Sources”-( Secret of creating huge wealth from blogging)

Most important tip- 

Save these initial earning from blogging. This hard earn money would be a financial caution when you would take calculated risk. That is to leave you full time job.

2. Work hard till earning from blogging reached to 50% of your monthly salary– This is the time when you can think of leaving the full time job.

You still don’t supplement your salary but these income from blogging and the money saved before reaching at these level would help you to survive. Never ever think of quitting full time job before reaching to this step.

3. Evaluate your skills and quite the full time job – Just check few points written in my other blog ” 5 mathematical indicators to quit full time job to make blogging a career“.

If those indicators are giving you some good signal it is time for you leave prison and fly.

In next few months, you would easily supplement your salary with income from blogging. As you are able to give more time and attention to blogging.

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