These 7 Bloggers are Making More Money Than Your Salary from blogs

My one of earlier article  making blogging a career by quitting full-time job  talked about the indicators that helps you to decide  when to quit a job. This blog is especially written to keep you motivated. There are some living examples of bloggers who are making more money than your salary from blogs that they have build over the time.

These Bloggers are Making More Money Than Your Salary from blogs

If they have done good enough in terms of making money online then why can’t you? Before I start the list I would like my readers to focus on one particular fact, and that fact his click this over here now how quickly these bloggers were able to increase order lasix overnight delivery their earning from blogging.

Some of them almost buy cytotec in walmart made two times more money within a year. That means their earling doubled within a year.

A Disclaimer- These income details are mostly available in public domain, mostly in their own websites.  It is a genuine attempt to put these informations together at one place so as to help more readers adopt blogging.

These Bloggers are Making More Money Than Your Salary from blogs

1. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is the creator of, and is very vocal about her income from blogging.  Her Jun-2017 income from blogging was jaw-dropping  $121,851. Yes that was a month’s income while she was sailing to islands. In other words she made six digit income a month from blogging.

The another fact that will blow your mind is that her Jun-2016 income was $68440. That means her monthly income from blogging grew by 78% within a year.

What was the last time when you got even 30% raise on your monthly income?  This is power of blogging. The earning potential of website is huge. She has proved that you can make more money from blogs and earn more than your salary from blogging.

2. Pat Flynn -Top blogger Pat Flynn and his blogs made  $184094 in Jun-2017. Though he has many websites and blogs.  He is well know for website  He made more than $15000  daily in June alone. Which is even more than monthly income of most of the readers.

He is one of the top online money makers ( Considering blogging as a money making platform). You may also like to read -Biggest Blogging mistakes of Best & Top Bloggers

3. Harsh kumar agarwal– One of the most successful blogger from india is very open about his income from blogs and expenses as well. In his main website, he has a habit of mentioning his blog income.

According to his own blog, he earned $32480 in Jun-17,  approx 10% jump from last year. Considering that his main audience come from india where purchasing power is less than Americans he has grown well.

4. Darren Rouse has many blogs and digital properties but he is popular amongst bloggers for website Though Darren is very shy about discussing his income in public, but in his own blog he says that he is a six figure blogger. I think he has said enough for any aspirational blogger.

Is it not more than your salary?

5. Sayed balkhi – Popular for but he has many  other websites to. Sayed has never disclosed his income from blogging as he never find it productive. Something that I also appreciate.

But you want to know how much Syed Balkhi annual income is then just learn a fact that he is planning to make one of his companies public. He has made more money than any normal blogger of his time.

We can only assume some numbers and that number is many times (hundreds to thousand times) more than your salary.

6. Ammy of also publishes her income but due to some unknown reason after Dec-16 she has not written about it. But it still gives a opportunity for us to learn how much income can be generated from blog in any niche.

She made $41700 in Dec-16 which is 104% more than what Ammy made in Dec-15 from her blog. That indicates that a blog can double its income in a year. Again the same and old question. Were you able to double your monthly income from fulltime job in a year?

7. Sarah of earned $57213 from her blog. She says “This is just a beginning”. She has almost tripled her income from blogging in a year and says this is just a beginning.

You just need to generously consider expenses as well which may not have been be disclosed, but even if that is 10 to 20% of total revenues,  Money made from blogging is huge.

The conclusion– If you want to get success in blogging along with your job then there is enough opportunity. Making more money than your salary is not impossible as these bloggers have already done it. You just need to be realistic about the time taken to make money from blogging. 

If you think that you would also like to give blogging a try then our blog How To Make A Blog That Generates Parallel Income will be a step-to-step guide to make a money making blog.

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