6 Tip on How To Choose WordPress Themes for Your Blog

Theme selection, In my view is a very critical task for any WordPress blogger. There are many variables related to blog performance and earnings that increase or decrease with the change in Theme. In This article you will be able to learn to Visit Website Choose WordPress Themes.

The blog will further guide you on-

  • Visit This Link The basic features that a blog WordPress website must have
  • clomid cost How to choose a WordPress theme  that increases Customer engagement
  • How a WordPress theme can increase page views
  • Even how WordPress theme can help in increase earnings,
  • How a WordPress gets customer loyalty and
  • It would be friendly for SEO.

    Before that, it is very fair to say that even if any of the below feature are not available in the worldpress theme of your choice, you can add it with the help of WordPress plugins

    Tip on How To Choose WordPress Themes for Your Blog

    1. WordPress Theme must have Latest, featured , Most popular ( most read post) :-  A WordPress blog theme must shows the above blog post as a options to a existing reader or visitor. There are many advantages to a blogger in doing so, Like-

    -A visitor is likely to read more pages that increases customer engagement .
    -It will also result in more page views out if a single visitor.

    -The above also result in reduces bounce rate. Reduced bounce rate and more page is views are one of the parameters considered by the search engines. You will get SEO advantage by reduce bounce rate. A webpage or website with low bounce rate is preferred by search engines.

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    2. A WordPress Them must have in built Social Sharing Option :- Though with the help of any social sharing WordPress plugin you can add this option in the blog post but if WordPress theme has in build options then it will save your time wasted in configuration of Social Media buttons  and increases the website speed.

    Note :- Too much use of WordPress plug ins may impact the website performance negatively As it reduced the site upload speed.

    3. Search Option should be clearly visible in WordPress theme :- Search Option should be easily accessible and should be bigger enough to write . A visitor is more likely to search some other topic if he is impressed with your current writing. that means more views per reader and more views of Adds. Means more chance of earnings.
    Choose wordpress themes

    4. No excessive use of images :- You should choose WordPress theme that should focus more on quality, novelty and originality of content. Not on the image. Hence while choosing a WordPress theme a blogger must be carefully in this regard.

    Too much uses of images will have following disadvantage :-

    -Reduced speed of the side

    -Visitor distraction from the content and ads.

    I have avoided user of featured images from all of my blogs since my initial days in blogging.

    5. Choose WordPress Themes that has Color and Text  editing option in blog title, post and back ground. You must experiment with Color, Text size and fonts of the WordPress blog.

    6. AdSense friendliness :- The WordPress themes should be have enough space for ads run by AdSense and by any other network. Though you can insert AdSense manually or you have option to insert a google AdSense ads in WordPress blog website by using Google AdSense plugin for WordPress site.

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