13 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger With Full Time Job

The returns from online money making is huge. Leaving a job and trying blogging is a larger risk, especially if there are dependent on your salary. Let’s understand what can you do to http://djmikenasty.com/viagra become a successful blogger with a full time job.

13 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger With Full Time Job

The main difference between a full time blogger and a person doing blogging with full time job is only “ http://meta-datos.com/ujUAvox6ZI Time devoted to blog writing “. All other work related to manage a blog is secondary.

Managing time for writing a blog post is the single largest problem area with part time blogging. Let’s take the scarcity of time with full time job as a challenge and try to find time to write a blog.

How much time does it really take to write a blog post?


In general, 30 to 40 minutes for a blog post having around 2000 words. The blog posting with proper onpage SEO takes around 10 -12 Minutes. That’s it.

In total you need around an hour to write a blog post and publish it. Right ? ( I am being on safer side )

A new comer may take some more time but that’s ok. After writing 20 to 30 blogs you will not be a new comer any more.

Let’s find out how can you over the counter equivalent to zithromax find out that 60 minutes to become a successful blogger with full time job.

Tips To Become A Successful Blogger With Full Time Job

1. Write blog daily

I did not say post blog daily. Blog writing can be done every day. Even if your schedule is too tight, find 10 minutes at least to write a blog somehow.

You don’t need a laptop to write some blog on a topic. Mobile is best blog writing tool for bloggers. I am sure where ever you go your mobile go with you. I am sure you do have gmail as well in your mobile.

Write a blog using gmail. Just compose a mail, Type in the topic of the blog in subject. And write mail in body area of the mail. Save it & Post from your PC whenever you have time at home.  Publish the blog using a PC far better as you have have to work on On-page search engine optimization as well.

But ensure to write few lines daily. This will ensure that your typing and writing skill get developed time to time. Very soon you would be able to write much faster.

2. Write blogs while waiting

Time is not in your control all the time. It is wasted when we wait for others in our day to life. Time passes very slow when we wait.

Your journey to become a successful blogger with full time job  depends on how you utilise your precious time.

Utilise this waiting time in writing a blog post. You will realised that some of your best blogs are written when you were actually waiting for someone. It works. Try it.

3. Write blog while traveling

Not meant for traveling with family. But if your are in business trips, travelling can give a lot of time to write a blog.

Many of us travel far enough to go to office daily. If you use public transport like metro then this traveling time can be used to write a blog post using mobile.

Time is an asset in the blogging journey. You have to make more time every day.

4. Take help from wife or close friend

If you have some close friend or wife who can give you some time then take their help in collecting some information like data about the topic. This will save your own time on research.

5. The 80:20 rule of blog writing –
The 80% of the time should only be given to content generation (Means blog writing and posting). Rest of the 20% time should be given to other SEO activities like social marketing, generating backlinking etc.

No one becomes a successful blogger by only doing SEO and marketing of fewer blog post.

6. Designing is worst form of wasting time for bloggers-

Mind it, New bloggers become self content by changing designs, themes and structure again and again. Do not waste your time in designing or changing theme again & again. It’s a killer habit for bloggers.


7. Research a lot

Read article from successful bloggers at least one in a day. It would keep you motivated and teach you lots of tips & tricks for free.

Sharing is the best thing I like about blogging community.

It will save you time as you would learn some tricks on all aspects of blogging like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and online money making. All the successful bloggers do it.

8. Keep note of new blog topics as and when it comes & ideas stored

There would be instances that a blog topic comes to your mind in the mid of any thing. Like it happens when you are doing exercise or meeting someone. Quickly write it in your mobile phone. It will save you lots of time as you will not have to give more time to find new topics for your blogs. It has worked for me.

Tip– Gmail app is the best place to write and save any blog post when you are in hurry.

9. Set Target for blogging –

The most successful bloggers in the world are the busiest person on earth as thousands of person from media houses, blog commentators, affiliates and hosting company are communicating to them. Yet they are able to write and maintain a healthy level of blog post inflow.

Create a habit of setting soft or hard target to write number of blog post every week.

10. Improve blog writing skills

We are not perfect. We make mistakes in spelling, grammar and construction. It takes a lot of time when we check them before posting a blog. Working on writing skills would save you lot of time in long run.

11. Do not start multiple blogs together at start –

Do not work on many blog websites when you are in full time job. Making one to two blog bigger would give more returns than working on many. You can scale one to two blog, not many.

12. Use tools that save your time

Below are the some free tools that save your time.

a) Buffer – Buffer is a simple tool to post your blog on multiple social media pages with few clicks.  Use it as much as you can.  I think It is one of the best tools for bloggers for social media posting 

b) Use captcha or math quiz plugins (for wordpress sites) to moderate comments – It will reduce spam commenting. You will get less number of comments and it would be easy to manage them.

c) Gmail App – Integrate all mails with gmail so that you don’t have to open each mail one by one.

13. Have less friend-
Fewer friend means more focus on targetDo I need to elaborate more on this point?
The Conclusion-

All above tips a worked for me, In my gmail draft, I have 10 to 20 blog post waiting for its turn to get published, I write most of my blogs while traveling. All above tricks have worked for me and will work for you as well.

time management quotes for bloggers
I am sure you would like to take time to make a blog that gives you parraral income. This step-to-step guide will help you make a money making blog. 

Hope you liked the blog, share the feedback.

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