How To Choose A Domain Name “8 Critical Q&A”

Domain name selection is a very critical part if you want to make money making blog website and if you want to get good SEO. It is very critical because a small mistake or error of judgement could result in low ranking or low traffic. So before you register a domain name follow two general instruction and ask 8 critical questions to know How To Choose A Domain Name.

General tips :- The domain should be easy to remember , easy to recall , easy to write .and should be, preferably  related to the blog website subject or topic. Although there may be exception to these rules as well. There are many blogs that have domain in the bloggers name , or some times are not related to the blog but represent an idea.

Avoid Copyright Issue :- You should not host your blog in the domain name that present a existing brand or trademark. It may invite legal trouble and anytime your blog can be deleted from Google.

8 Critical Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Domain Name

how to choose a domain name

1. What Should be Length of a Domain Name – There are no thumb rule or are no written laws. Just avoid if you can, domain name with more then 10 -12 words for simple reason, it will be hard to remember and will be hard to write for a user. Thinks if you have to make some email ids with the domain, a email id with shorter domain is easy to remember .

2. What Domain Extension Should I Choose – Deciding the domain extension is most critical aspect of domain name registration . To be straight .com is worldwide more generalist extension as this can be used for corporate, a blogger, a eCommerce sites. Domain name with . com extension  is also preferred by the search engines. A company can also choose .co as a extension .

3.Can I Target a Traffic from a Particular Geographic Part of the World with Domain Extension :– Yes , the extension that represent a country is preferred by search engines. For example .in represents India, .us represents USA , .au represent Australia and so on.

It is advised to a blogger to choose a domain according to the country that he wants to particularly target. Else stick with .com domain extension for universal appeal & global acceptance.

4. What Language Should I Use to Register a Domain Name :- Many of you might be thinking that what else could be a better option then English? True, English is most preferred language and as .com domain extension English as a language is global acceptance. But point is the domain name using English alphabet for local language will get preferred in local search result and local language search result .

Mind it, the local language search is getting popularity.

5. Should I Experiment with Spelling :-Some time we so not get a desired domain with right spelling and we have to twist the spelling . A little bit of creative experiment works well for branding . Like hit movies could be hit movies , phones could be phonz, Fruitz etc.

Just ensure that the experiment should be in suffix of the blog name not at the start of the blog name. Because the experiment in suffix after do not change the meaning of the world and domain.

6. Can I user Use of Numbers and Special Characters because I am not finding a good domain name :- Strictly no. Some bloggers have hosted sites with user of numbers. But it is a strict no. Because use of numbers changes the meaning of the domain name and user of special characters like hyphen is less preferred.

7. How to find a domain that gets more Traffic :- If you have followed all other tips then Google trend and Google Keyword Planner will give you a better assistance to find a domain name that gets more traffic. Read

3 Tips for Choosing A Domain Name for SEO & More Traffic

8. Should I buy free domain of Cheap Domain name :- Nothing comes for free. What looks cheap now may be costly in another way. Read

Reality Behind Free & Cheap Domain Name Registration

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