3 Tips for Choosing A Domain Name for SEO & More Traffic

A smart blogger selects a domain that attracts more visitors with ease. Recently I talked about How To Choose A Domain Name “8 Critical Q&A”  That helps you to decide the perfect domain name according to location, According to the type of the website you are making. Now it is time to focus on another aspect and that is Search engine Optimization with Domain Name. I mean even before you register a domain you can smartly find a domain that attracts more traffic. So if you have shortlisted three to four domain names and want to finalize any of them then these 3 Tips for Choosing A Domain Name for SEO & More Traffic is going to be perfect guide.

First thing first , it is a Myth that visitor count only depends on choice of domain name. No, there are many factors like domain authority, age of the domain,  quality of the website and blog that also contribute in resulting more traffic to a blog. important site How ever a little bit of smart research (technically right as well) can help in deciding a domain that attracts more visitors with ease. Means you can find SEO friendly domain names that could result in some easy visitors. Lets explore them-

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There are few tools that will help you in deciding the right SEO friendly domain name to attract more traffic with ease.

1. Use Google Keyword Planner to get domain name ideas. Google Keyword planner gives you three important points to analyse the domain name.What you really need to type the initial domain name as keyword in the location as shown in below screen shot and click on get ideas.

First create a account in Google AdSense and go to “Tools” and click on “Keyword Planner”

Then Click on the “Search for new keyword using a phrase …….” as show in first image. The fill in the domain name of your choice. Lets understand this with the example, Suppose you are looking for a domain related to smartphone and want to target entire world the do the following thing as shown in second screen shots.

Choosing A Domain Name
Choosing A Domain Name for SEO

Then analyse the results with following points.

What is the average monthly searches ?

What are the other related keywords ideas?

What are the average monthly searches of other related keywords ideas ?

Get above keyword ideas related to a geographical area/ country .

Choose the keyword as domain name that has maximum number of the search result.

Choosing A Domain Name for more traffic


You can see that keyword “Smartphone” has highest searches. It comes out to be a winner in this case. Check this with the domain registrar as well. If this domain (smartphone.com )is not available then try the second best keyword according to average monthly searches ( bestsmartphone.com).

From money making perspective  choose a keyword as a domain that has higher bid amount.

2. Google trend can also help in deciding which domain name could be better from number of visitors perspective. Google trends also gives insights and data points that helps you to compare few domains of choice. It Gives you location wise , date wise data comparison chart . Compare the two three domains of your choice. Those domains names gets more searches should be your choice from SEO Perspective.

Domain registration google Trend

3. The Domain Registrar could also provide few suggestion in case you do not find the domain of your choice. Take a example of GoDaddy. Type in any domain name in the search bar of the GoDaddy and it will automatically suggest you few more domain options.

The conclusion – Out of 3 Tips for Choosing A Domain Name for SEO & More Traffic, I would count the first tips more useful and a must do activity before domain name registration in case you are looking for more easy traffic and want SEO advantage.

Once you decide on domain read useful article –

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