7 Tips To Create SEO Friendly Product Page For Business Website & Blog

Products are soul of any business (Big or small). There would be no business website or blog without a product page ( Tell me if you know one ). Unfortunately every product page of a business website does not come at the first page of the Google search result. Form the next time when going to make a product catalog page with or without e commerce, Your focus should be on to Create SEO Friendly Product Page. 
Tips To Create SEO Friendly Product Page For Business Website & Blog

This blog would also help you to-

-Create easy to rank product page for business website ( That reaches more customers )
-Make a product page that generates more business leads ( That impresses visitors on your business website)
-Create a proper business blog that outsmarts competitors  ( Makes customer prefer your product )

Tips To Create SEO Friendly Product Page For Business Website & Blog

Tip No 1- Make many product pages with alternate names-

Making only one product page for a product is the biggest mistake made by most of the small business.

It may be harsh, but true it is.

Your product has alternate names. where is the best place to buy propecia online Your product is searched by different names in search engines.  Product name changes according to geography, usage, specification,  metal used etc. Here is the real time example-

Outdoor LED lights may be known as-

You know the alternate names of your product better the me. In my other blog http://judytoma.net/configbak.php “How to write a business blog that attracts more customers” Several tips have been shared that would help you to know the alternate names of the product.

In order to create SEO friendly product page, make as many as product pages can make with different names.In other words, Dedicate a page to each alternate names of your product.

Tip no 2 – Each Alternate Name should be a focussed keyword for product page

A successful business website has many product pages. It looks like a business blog website. By increasing the number of product pages with different names, you actually make your business website keyword rich.

Each alternate name works as a keyword for your business website.

The bigger and critical task is to make each product page SEO friendly. It is a easy task you just need to make sure that the alternate name of the product  ( The keyword) should present in following places

  1. The title of the page
  2. Slug of the page (URL)
  3. Meta description of the page
  4. Headings of the page
  5. First paragraph of the page
  6. Alt text of the images that have been used in the page

The above in part of On page SEO to increase the pagerank of product page or business blog post. If your business blog in on WordPress then it could be easily done with Yoast Plugin to increase on page SEO.

Tip no 3 – Write unique content in each product page

It may be a bit of too work, But it pays. SEO of product pages with unique content would rank well as it would reduce the duplicate content.

You may take help of any other content writer or do it yourself but the content of the each product page has to be different.

The specification will remain the same even if you make a product page with alternate name. Google would call it common content and would not penalise if other content are unique.

Tip no 4 – Use different images in each product page.

Google loves unique images per page. I am sure you have many images not only one for a product. For each alternatives names used different images.

40 % more online visitors are likely to read your pages in case you have images in product page. Respect the fact.

Now you have to increase the SEO factor of the image. You can simply do it by writing the product name in the Alt text of the image. Yoast Plugin would again ask you to do same.

While uploading image in the product page, You can also write a small description in image attributes.  This description in image attributes would increase the SEO of page with great effect.

Tip no 5- Write the  perfect description of the product-

The main difference between you and your competition is not the product but how do you present it online. The description is single largest reason for a online viewer to make a buying decision.

I am sure you write about the technical specification and features of the product. But the same is done by your competitors as well.

So what is the perfect description of a product that

-Helps you page rank well in google and

-Impresses customers to make buying decision ( or give you a business lead)

Well, look yourself-

The above screen is perfect example of a business product page description because –
– It has a long description that impresses google. A business blog post or product description must contain around 2000 words to rank well in Google.

-It has most of the information that helps a customer make decision to buy this product or send a business lead to business owner. Information like- Ranges, Application area, USP etc.

Tip no 6 – Breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs are some best practices to to optimize business product pages for SEO, Breadcrumbs gives additional  benefit.
Here is how a Breadcrumbs looks in a business page website. (Point 1)

How to use Breadcrumbs to increase SEO of Product page-

  1. Use breadcrumbs in such a manner that help users,
  2. Use breadcrumbs at the top of your webpage.
Tip no 7-Internal links to related pages

Refer the Point 2 in above image. Those are the links to some related product pages within the same business website. Google prefers the pages with more internal and external related links.

You can give links to related pages at any place in website that is suitable for customer.

Some good examples of internal linking is by showing-

-Related products

-Popular prodcuts

-Recently Viewed product

-New product in category

The conclusion-

Every business owner can create SEO friendly product pages by following these simple tips. The above tips just reiterates what search engines like to see in any page & website-

-Original Content

-Related Links

-Fresh & Light images

-Structure of website ( Breadcrumbs)

The use of alternate names gives you an opportunity to make more related product pages that ultimately makes your website content rich & increase domain authority.

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