7 Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval Easily & Quickly [My Experience]

At times, It is frustrating to get Google AdSense approval. There are bloggers complaining that they were unable to get Google AdSense approval even in a year. However there are many who got it approved in within a month of launching a website.

Google adsense is very popular and largest advertising network. It is a main income stream for many bloggers and website owners. If you are planning to make a blog and earn money online then the below blog would be a great help for you.

Step-to-Step guide to make a money making blog

In this blog I am going to share workable tips and tricks to get Google AdSense approval easily & quickly.
Get Google AdSense Approval
buy tinidazole usa A clarification before we start– No one, including me, can exactly know and can guarantee that  your website would get approved for AdSense program by following a set of rules advised. What I share is my own experience (Learned from lot of experiments and by investing time in research).

buy provigil singapore My Google AdSense approval story– Two of my blogs were approved for google AdSense program and I am happy to share that my first blog was approved in 30 days of hosting website. I made two attempts in 30 days of span, second attempts was done after a lot of research and working on website. There are few tips that I followed and You are going to learn all those tips.
The second blog was approved in first attempt.

Tips, tricks and precaution to get google AdSense approval easily & quickly

Get Google AdSense Approval
1. Make domain live as soon as possible –
Probably, The age of domain is one of the most critical parameter for Google AdSense approval. A website with older domains are likely to get approved for AdSense program quickly.

Tip:– If you have booked a domain and have not launched a website yet, then the best option is to make your domain live. You can do that by hosting a website with domain in blogpost on temporary basis with some basic and relevant contents. You don’t  need to put money as blogspot is absolutely free. Later on switch the domain to your real website once you are ready with your own content.

In case you have booked domain and have already hosted website then go ahead then follow next tips.

2. Avoid excessive Use of image in content of the blog or web pages –

Google AdSense do not like websites with lot of images and less content (Images dominating pages/blogpost). It is advised to use one image per blog post as it boosts the SEO factor as well. Use more then one images only if it is unavoidable.

Note– Google would like to see if its ads would fit into pages of your website or not. Too many images would dominate the page reducing the visibility of ads.

3. Google adsense programmers loves Originality and quality in content –

What you write using text, images and other docs( PPT, slides etc.) is the content or blood of the website. Do not ever copy and paste from internet. Write your own content. Use of proper grammar, structure in sentence. Right spelling, proper spacing etc. are another quality parameters for AdSense approval.

Do not use too many headings, use it if only required.As far as images are concerned, use originals or take help from google advance search for royalty free images for free.

4. Keep Length of the page or blog post longer

There should be minimum 400 to 500 words in the pages or blog post. You might have seen some pages with then 400 words but those pages might have been made post getting Google AdSense approval or those are very old pages. Google continuously updates the guidelines of quality content and length is one of the quality parameter. For long run and SEO advantage, write bigger and interesting blog with more then 1000 or 2000 words. Read – How Long Should A Blog Post Be : Ideal Blog Post Length For SEO

5. Create and display Some almost mandatory pages –

About us, terms of use, privacy policy, disclaimer and contact us are one of the pages that Google AdSense approval would see. Make them and place those pages in either header or footer before submitting to Google AdSense program.

6. Customer friendly website  Structure & Navigation

Google AdSense program approver would check your website on user experience & engagement  basis as well. Use of proper categories & tags. Make them visible as well. Search option would be added advantage.

Remember- If you want to impress google, Impress visitors. 

7. Use of email to apply for AdSense

The email account is also a very critical aspect to get Google AdSense approval. Many experts have claimed that use of email on your own domain, created with google (like contact@yourdomain.com) is likely to get easy approval. In my case I had applied through simple gmail ID (mynameXXXX@gmail.com) but my gmail ID is around 10 year old.

7 Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval Easily & Quickly [My Experience]

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