8 Easy Tips To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Using Quora

You have been commenting on the quora for sometime now for sure. Using quora in smarter way can bring you 10 times more traffic to your blog or website. If you have not beeing using quora then the following 10 tips may click reference get more traffic to your blog from quora.

Disclaimer- Let me be clear at starting, this blog is not about how to comment on quora and get traffic. This blog would talk about how to comment on quora in visit the website better, smarter and right way to increase traffic to your blog.

I have got 10 times more traffic from quora using this techniques. Few of my comments in quora have around 1000 views a month.  Here is the proof-

Get More Traffic To Your Blog Using Quora

What more -This generates around 150 unique visitors to that one page linked to my blog from quora. 150 additional unique visitors for a single blog post (Apart from organic & Social Sources).

If you are able to get many of such comments generating this much of traffic from one time activity from quora. You may get thousands plus quality traffic to your blog post.

cytotec mide hapı fiyatı Why should you comment on quora :-

  • Everyone knows that quora means serious stuff. High quality comments from experts are generally found in quora hence serious readers visit quora.
  • Quora has a strong domain authority. According to moz quora DA is 89. Commenting on quora with link to you blog post gives you a strong link as well.
  • In comparison to other community quora has most number of visits. A comment on quora generates more traffic per comment then any other community.
  • Traffic from quora is from highly targeted and interested audience. Means more sales per visitor.

8 Easy Tips To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Using Quora

Tip no 1– subscribe to quora notification – There are two way to comment on quora.

A) Go to quora, search for the right question in search bar, find relevant question and answer it.This strep is boring, time consuming & leads to less traffic. Please do not do it if you are doing so till now.

B) Subscribe to the auto notification about a topic. Choosing the auto notification would intimate you the latest question about the topic of your choice.

It will save your time to find the right question.
“Remember time is a assets in blogging.”
Tip no 2– Go niche to answer a question- Do not be generalist in choosing the topic, choose the specific categories to get more relevant question and then answer them.

For Example, If your blog is about Insurance, I am sure that you write about health, Life, travel insurance as well.
Then In quora choose specific feeds, Refer the below image-

Your chances to get more relevant traffic word be more.

Remember –

“Relevant traffic means more sales per visitor.”

Tip no 3– Always be the first to answer a question – The first person to answer the question in quora would get maximum number of quora views. Missing opportunity to comment first is missing more traffic in quora. the notification in quora shows the latest questions related to niche that you have chosen.

If you are not the first and second, then you may still leave a answer, at least you get few views and a link.
The following tips would increase click per views. Means, you would learn how to increase clicks from per views.

Tip no 4– Start answer with a number – Your first target should be to hold a reader to your comment.  The first line should have a striking number to raise the interest level of reader.

Example – If you are answering a question on how to reduce weight and have a blog post that talks about 15 minutes daily home workout to reduce weight . Then your first line should be like-

Only giving 15 minutes daily at home can reduce 5 kg in 2 months.

Then you may proceed with other stuff.

Tip no 5– Use Original image – A quora answer with a image in would get 50% more visitors. Use only if required.

Do not use a image from Google images, A general image from Google would only affect your credibility negatively.
The quality reader would easily catch it and you would loose his trust.

Tip no 6Write in points rather than large paragraph – 4 to 5 points text with a image and some description at start ( With striking numbers)  is enough.

Tip no 7 –You should write a link builder text at last – By now you create a interest, hold the reader and this is time to ask him to read your blog. You may write like –
Detailed insights, Useful stats & workable tips are written in my blog post ” 5 tips to get……” etc.

Tip no 8Your own credentials are equally important –  Writing a excellent tips on any question is one part of answering in quora. You get more equality traffic to your blog if your own credential are appealing.
You must describe yourself briefly & strongly.

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