Tips To Make A Successful Celebrity Gossip Blog & Generate Parallel Income

Though I am not a gossiper but I know that these sudden rise of  internet sensations are perfect opportunities to make money and find a source of parallel income. It can be done with not-so-hard tools. I will guide you to learn something from these celebrity events. I will also share some proven & easy-to-learn tips to make a successful celebrity gossip blog that can make money for you.

Yes, don’t be surprised, there is way you can generate parallel income by writing blogs on celebrities. Every other day there is a storm in internet related to celebrities and public is eager to know more & more about it.

The world in which we live in loves gossips. Gossip is an entertainment and entertainment industry rely heavily on celebrity gossip for marketing. Rise of Internet has only fueled more gossips. Priya prakash varrier to P. V. Sindhu, every now and then there is rise of new internet sensation. Within a day of two Internet creates a new celebrity as gossips related to them reaches to masses through websites, apps, youtube, social media and messaging services.

Priya prakash varrier is a latest internet sensation. Some channel have entitled her as latest internet crush as well and why not so. She has every reason to enjoy such attention.

I am writing this  because such internet outbreak brings huge amount of information seeker to internet. We call it traffic.

Have a look on number of searches related to celebrity gossip on monthly basis.  Please also note that this number is only representing the searches happening on Google. It does not include the number of searches on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

Internet searches are dominated by the gossip related to celebrities. Here is how can you learn to make a successful celebrity blog.

How to become a celebrity blogger

If you want to earn some extra bugs then you must be willing to invest some extra time. This little extra time can give you some extra money, pocket money or side income. Rest leave it to me. I am here to help.

I am going to help you with examples that incident like priya shanak varrier’s sudden popularity in internet is a wonderful money making opportunity and is not-so-difficult way of doing it.
In order to become a celebrity blogger the first thing you need to find is “what to write about celebrities?”. 
It is very simple, take help from Google. Let me tell you how. People like to gossip about such celebrities, they want to know everything thing about them. Here is a proof. Type in her name in google and it will show some related words as suggestions.
How to become a celebrity blogger and start Successful Celebrity Gossip Blog
Google automatically does not show these words, Google records each and every search you do on google. Google checks the number of related searches and show the relevant searches after typing in some text. These suggestive keywords shows that these are some of the related information people are seeking.
These information may not be available at one place when there was such a outbreak about here initially. But quickly some opportunities (specially news websites) started writing to attract more traffic.
How to start a successful celebrity blog
It is an opportunity for people like you to start a blog on celebrities gossip and write about it. I will tell you how can you make money through such blogs in the second half of the blog.
It does not stop here, people like to know the following more related stuff related to celebrities-
  • Who is their dress designer,
  • Education,
  • Cast,
  • Achievements
  • Movies & work of such celebrities
  • Relationships status (they are crazy to find about it)
  • Any criminal record or incidents
Few months back internet went crazy about indian shuttler start PV sindhu, when she entered in the finals in olympics. People went crazy to find about her cast- P V Sindhu Cast Google search 

Can you also start a successful celebrity gossip blog

Instead of giving answer to this question I want to ask a question, Can you search few things about her or anybody and write few more things? If yes then well and good.

If no then read some of the blog topics suggestion from my side relate to her-

  • 10 fashion styles of Priya shankar varrier
  • 10 things to know about Priya shankar varrier
  • Make-up tips to learn from priya shanker
  • Priya shankar secret past revealed etc.
  • How to get eyebrow like priya varrier
  • Hits and flops movies of Priya varrier
  • 10 facts about priya varrier that will surprise you.
The all above could be your blog post. I means there are n number of things you can write about any rising or old celebrity.
One of my favourite news app inshorts have written that Priya shankar has crossed sunny leone in terms of number of searches in internet. I am sure you can also write 5 to 10 reason for such comparison and that may be your next blog post.
In order to start a successful celebrity gossip blog all you need to do it to be quick in information collection and writing a blog. In such events, the one who makes these kind of pages become clear winner. the smart bloggers spot these kind of opportunities and write more about it.
I remember the time of demonetization in India. 8 pm, 8 nov 16. As soon as the news broke out about one of my known started writing blogs on “Why India demonetized old notes”, “New 500 & 2000 currency images” etc. By 12 in night he had written around 5 to 6 such post and published it in this blog.
The results was fabulous. He was getting around 1000 hits a day from those 5 blog posts from google search only.  Social media traffic was 10 to 20 % of above.
These things of internet keep happening. all you need to do is to learn how to start a blog. Write few attractive blog post as we discussed above. Once you are clear about the bog topic and I am sure you are then read our dedicated blog post How to make a blog that generates parallel income.
This blog post will be a step-to-step guide to make a wordpress blog or website. In brief you will learn-
1. How to choose a host
2. How to install wordpress that makes your website or blog
3. How to make first few pages
4. How to write your first blog

Gossip blog name ideas


Though you are the best person to choose name of the celebrity gossip sites. I would advise you to keep the name of the blog very relevant to celebrity, Gossip & internet.

Few names that I found good for such websites and blogs are-


Copy above & paste in below apace to check the availability now

Top celebrity gossip sites

Celebrity blogs easily attract traffic. They are shared on social media and hence get huge traffic from internet as well.  find top celebrity and possible site and check the traffic.
Top celebrity gossip site and their monthly visits-( Traffic data source ) -613,100   –  2,414,100

Read more on Feedspot

 Money making ideas ……To be continued ….

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