The Ultimate Tip – How To Write Impressive Blog Post ( Long & Interesting )

The basic difference between a successful blog owner and a beginner in blogging is nothing but Writing a blog post. A new comer ( who most often live in some blogging myth), in a desperate attempt to get more pageviews, commits few mistakes that an expert will never do. Because these experts have learned out of mistakes and never repeat those. An Expert and experienced blogger exactly knows how to Write Impressive Blog Post. This blog will be a summary of all those myths & mistakes in writing a blog post. Ultimately it will help you to write impressive blog post that may be long but will be interesting.
Write Impressive Blog Post Myth and mistakes while writing a blog post


  1. -Its is a myth that a long blog post will not impress Google and readers.
  2. – Hence it is also a myth that a long blog page is not good for SEO and page ranking.
  3. – It is a wrong practice to limit the number of words per blog post in order to finish it early.
  4. – It is also a common and wrong practice to write many blog post ( in order to increase the pages) when it could be covered in a blog post by increasing its length.

cefixime & azithromycin tablets hindi The ultimate “want” from a blog post – You put a lot of effort to write a blog post and to create a web page. You invest time in researching keywords, You search, make and optimize images for website to get higher page ranking and you apply lots of on-page and off-page SEO techniques. To get best return our of your hard work. Return may be in terms of number of visitors, number of email subscriber, number of likes in social media pages. But why all these? what do you want? What is the ultimate goal?

Ultimate goal of writing a blog on a topic -Ultimately you want to earn, you want to make money. A visitors directly or indirectly gives you money by clicking on ads or by buying products you promote on your website.

The Ultimate advantage of long and complete blog post-But why will he stay in your website? If he doesn’t find your blog useful, he will go away, will not come back. If he likes your blog then he will share it, recommend it.

Your ultimate target should be to write a thorough & complete blog. for the movement just do not worry about the length. just focus on completeness of the topic. Think what else the reader could ask about the subject of your blog and write a para about it.

The Ultimate Tip – Give a blog post your mind and heart. Use mind to collect facts, logics and to research. Use your heart to make it interesting and to find the opportunities to improve. Treat it as your product in which you wouldn’t want any fault . Incompleteness is a biggest fault a blog can have.

I am sure you would be able to write a complete blog post on any topic by following the above tips and hope it would be longer then what you have been writing. The below tips will guide you make a long blog post interesting

Basic tips To Write Impressive Blog Post

Few tips , though these are basics, would guide you to make a blog post interesting, long and impressive.

1.Give more  Information and explain logics – A serious reader would love information and logics that he may not have known and would remember your site for long for the logics he learned in your blog. Make it a principle to collect facts while reading anything and when you find while you read anything, mention the authenticated information with reference to source. The data may not be yours but the reader would give you credit for facilitating the information that he may not have known.

2. Paragraphs and heading – Some topic requires a lot of explanation. Don’t shy away, give explanation. But segregate the lines in  paragraphs according to relevance. Give heading if the paragraphs can represent a headings.

3. Use infographic instead of image – Use of image is a good on page SEO technique. Using infographics is ultimately better way of using image in side a blog post. Charts and cliparts are other feather to a informative blog writing.

4. Differentiate you blog with distinctive style in writing – Some bloggers use illustrative method ( a lot of facts and logics), some use suggestive way of blog writing ( Use of does and don’ts ), some use talkative way ( frequent use of words like ,let’s learn, hey , that’s it, common, you did it. etc ), some use FAQ type ( questions followed by answers). Develop a style to make blog interesting and distinctive. have you own style or blog writing.

5. Steps/numbers in place of bullet points – Whenever you have to share a list, use numbers instead to bullet points without numbers. Use steps ( like step  1, Step 2 ) if your are writing about any process or “how to”.

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