How to Use Semrush to Analyse SEO of Your Website to Increase Page Rank & Traffic

It is a proven fact that website ranking increased and decreases time to time. You need to closing monitor change in website ranking against the keyword you have targeted in the past. Semrush is one such effective keyword analytics tools to analyse SEO of your website to increase page rank & traffic. In this blog post I will guide you to use Semrush in effective manner to beat your competition and rank above in SERPs.

This blog would help you to use of Semrush in effective manner, you would learn-

  • How can you analyse every off page SEO factor of your website?
  • How can you check your website ranking for non paid keyword?
  • What are the paid and non paid keywords that your competition is using and how can you take advantage of this information?
  • What are the website that are in your competition and how are they ranking against your keyword?

But before that it is important to note what the why you should analyse the SEO of your website.

  • Every smart digital marketer must analyse website ranking time to time in order to be competitive.
  • Benchmarking of website ranking in SERPs is integral part of online marketing strategy.
  • In the competition you must change your online marketing strategy quicker then your competition in order to remain relevant and increased the page ranking of your website constantly.

How to Use Semrush to Analyse SEO of Your Website

Semrush is capable of determining a lot of data points that affect SEO of your website. In this blog we will do 360 degree review of your website SEO using Semrush in three simple steps-

Step -1 Analysing your own website SEO
Step -2 Finding and analysing your website’s similar sites, prospective or real competition
Step -3 Finding the “to do” list of SEO actionables to beat your competition.

Let’s start to learn to use Semrush to beat your competitor-
buy viagra online using paypal Step -1 Analysing your own website SEO– Just put your domain name in the Semrush widget on the right hand side of the page or click on below image to go to semrush website directly and test your domain name. ( Don’t worry you won’t be charged and won’t be asked to fill in your mail id and number, the basic SEO test for a website is free with SEMrush).

Use Semrush

Now, you would be able to see lots of reports like the below screen. ( I tested with )
Now Take out  list of all backlinks in a excel you can get by clicking on view full report down the page. In order to download you need to be a premium member. In case you are not then don’t loose heart. Simple note down few website from where you are getting  the backlinks that you can see. At least you would be able to do some SEO analysis.

Now check out the domain names from the list that do not showcase information relevant to your website. Or find the domains that are considered bad by google like site that contains adult, porn or illegal information. Or websites that may not have quality audience.

Another way of filtering those domain is to check the domain authority (DA). Those website having DA less then 5 are probable toxic website for you & are your target.  You must to scan them &

keep this “ prednisone purchase canada list of toxic websites” ready with you. I will tell you want you have to do.

Similarly I want you to download the top non paid keyword ( organic keyword ) of your website as well from semrush. The data file have keywords of your website and ranking of your website against those keywords.

Step -2 Finding and analysing your website’s similar sites– in order to analyze your competition website ranking & find your competition  just look at the report title ” Main organic competitors” in semrush SEO report . You already know few of them.

Now do the SEO analysis of your competitor website as well just the way you did with your website in step 1 and keep the database of your competitors website organic keyword & backlinks ready.

I mean download the backlink information and non paid keyword information of your competitor as well using Semrush.

Step 3 Make a SEO to do list  – Follow few points as per the tips below-

Tip 1 – look at the list of domain that you have filtered in step 1. Your target is to get your website links removed from those “list of toxic websites”.

Sorry there are no shortcuts, you have to get rid of those toxic backlinks and only way out is to write to those website owner. Yes you read it right, it is a manual and lengthy process and you have to get your hand dirty for long run gain.
Start doing it as soon as possible, you can also write to your webmaster to not to consider or disavow those links but success rate would be very less

Tip 2- One by one, look at the backlink report of all of your competitor’s website and identify domain with good DA. If your website is not getting links from those website then it should be your target to get backlinks from those websites with quality DA.

You can get backlinks from them by trying few or all of the following things –

  • Guest blogging
  • Commenting in case they allow
  • Mentioning their good work in your website and sending them a thanks mail and requesting a backlink in exchange. It works if you have quality website.
  • Finding some additional information regarding their own work and sharing with them in return asking them to give you a back links by sharing your website name

Mind it, Foolish it may look, but all above are workable solutions.

Tip 3- Compare the keywords ranking of your website and your competitor’s website. Checking what are the keywords in which you don’t have good ranking (Your website is ranking below then your competitor’s website).
you need to revisit those pages or blog post where you have used those keywords. You have to do a lot more on page SEO activities to rank well. Work more to share those pages in facebook and other social media platforms.

The conclusion – The above three tips of just a beginning of SEO analysis. You can use semrush keyword & SEO audit report in various ways. As you do more practice you can multiply the use of different report shown by semrush in different ways.


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