Voicebots Application And Usage for Business

Few years down the line, you may not be reading this, you may be listening it. Because in few years device with screen would be less preferred then devices with no screen. You would command a device through your voice, ask for a information and listen to these information without engaging your hand, fingers and eyes.

In a nutshell, every enterprise and business that connects to set of customer directly or through any device should look for voice as interface and this is the time to take it seriously.

VoiceBot application and usage for business & services

Being first mover is a competitive advantage in business.

Voicebots Application And Usage for Business

Here are the some of the current and futuristic application of voice interface and voicebots that will change the way we have using products and services.

Websites integration with voicebots-

Imaging, you are working out in gym and have just finished your trademill session and you want to get latest news update.

You ask your app or may be bother device like smart speakers to play some news .

Hey Sam! I need to listen to latest news from forbs, start with biz section.

Assumption, you have named your device as Sam, and forbs have optimised there website for voicebots. Or Forbs have developed voice responsive applications  that supports AI applications such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa etc.

The result,  Not surprisingly, would be as per your desire. your device plays news from forbs business section.

Would a new website, news radio or news broadcaster like to ignore this kind of opportunity?

Voicebots application on durables ( White Goods)

Not all but many of the consumers goods would be using voice to accept a command. Voice would become interface for many of the devices that we use on day to day basis.

Example – hey! I want to see BBC at 9 pm.

Remind and play NBA match tomorrow at 7 pm.

Your smart tv backed by AI would be able to do it.  Google Home or Amazon Eco can do it even today if you have some advanced smart TV integrated with these smart speakers.

This is just a example, you may not be locking your home with locks.

The voice biometrics would be on play and it would open only after listening to you or your family member’s voice.

Voicebots in Automobiles-

They could be the first innovators or early adapters. Probably you will not be using your keys.

You would say “I am here” and the doors of your car will welcome its owner and caretaker.

Who is talking about keyless entry? It will be gone.

Not only the security, you would ask your audio player to play the music. It is happening on all smart speakers, very soon it will happen in your car.

Voicebots application for business & services-

It is endless, I cannot write completely what I can imagine. The use of voicebots in business & services in infinite. It has started happening in bits and pieces. Here are the few examples, few have implemented and few would be implemented soon.

  • Voice biometrics for customer identification on IVR and call center.
  • Voice biometrics for user authentication.
  • You would call  your bank bank and only say..Please start a SIP of 2000 per month in xyz fund starting today.That’s it. The voicebot engines would identify you with voice biometrics and other AI backed processors ( bots) will  raise a request and it will be done automatically. It will even not ask you name and other details.

Your voice would become your identity and voice bots will become next call center executives.

The list will go on, some of the interesting voicebot application that have already been implemented are-

  • Pizza booking
  • Cab booking
  • Online ordering & online Shopping
  • appointment booking ( for doctors etc.)
  • meeting scheduling and auto voice reminders and lot.

It is only you who have to imagine what could be the next application of voicebot and voice related application. You don’t even know that someone might have already applied it.

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