Why Your Website PageRank Decreases Over The Time & How To Increase Ranking Again

It is a general perception that a web page pagerank should increase over the time automatically which is true as well up to an extent. But if your website pagerank decreases over the time then few of the page ranking factors may be responsible for diminishing website pagerank. All those factors would be broken down in this article and you would also learn how to increase website ranking again.
Website PageRank Decreases

There are certain on page and off page SEO factors that are mainly responsible for change in your website ranking. Most of these could be well controlled to increase page rank again. Some could be prevented to stop reduction in page ranking.

The factors mentioned below are easy to understand and are doable SEO technique to maintain page ranking.

Factors Responsible for Website PageRank Reduction.

where can i purchase clomid over the counter 1. Change in search engine algorithm – It a old saying ” Change in constant “. Slightly modify it for search engine algorithm as ” Change is definite”. It would be explained in the later part of this blog, but before that let’s us first best place to buy clomid online understand how search engine works.

All search engines including google keep updating logics to show appropriate and most relevant content in search engine results pages ( SERP).

“One common objective of almost all search engine is to help a user find the right content on internet for search items.”

You must understand that what was a relevant page for a keyword  5 years back may not be relevant as of now. There could be multiple reason for that-
  •  The information of that page may be irrelevant now
  •  There might be more pages generated now with far better content and relevant information.
  •  Even the nature of that product, service or object might have changed over the time.Think what short of page google might have shown 5 year back and what it shows now for “how to send text message”.5 years back no one might have written information about what’s app. Now almost every good article would start writing with whatsapp, Snapchat then probably end with SMS. Do some one still write about pager?

So the search engine would constantly change their metrology to find the best page for a query. This is called search engine algorithm. The parameter used to evaluate the quality of pages are constantly updated over the time. Some time more than once a year. These parameters to evaluate relevance and quality of pages are called SEO factors.

Every time there is a Change in search engines algorithm, weightage of the each factor changes and thus there is a Change in your website ranking.

For example, few years back google was preferring a webpage with more number of backlinks. Now it preferred number of quality backlinks and those pages with more bad quality backlinks have lost rankings by now.

How to avoid decrease in the traffic with the Change of algorithm in google search engine-

To be very straight, you cannot control it completely. Having said that there are few SEO factors that has been unchanged over the period of time. Some of these factors have even become more stronger contributor to website ranking. Let’s understand

A. Quality of content – Quality Content was, is and will be the strongest SEO factor for website ranking. Write a super rich and original content. Give 80% of your time in writing more informative, in-depth, meaningful and complete posts. 20 % of time should be given to all other SEO factor.

“Once reader like your page, google would automatically like it.”

B. Relevance is key- Do not change the niche. Avoid to post blog that are nowhere related to your blog niche. Do not confuse google and reader.

C. Do not write small blog- It looks like over the period of time long blog post and pages have been ranking well and have been ranking constantly above shorter blog post. Read- How long should a blog post be for better page ranking


D. Create a brand of your website- Create a identity of your blog.  branding is all about being qualitatively upper then other website for your niche. Once search engine know that what your website generally talks about it will prefer you in long run.

E. Do not over do SEO- Just pleasing google and not pleasing visitors have hampered lot of website in 2015. Those are still struggling to rank well. Do not over do on-site SEO and off site SEO on your pages.

“Google is punishing smart market who have been trying to overdo SEO.”


One of the example of over doing SEO is generating unnaturally backing. Say you have a new website and are able generates 100 to 200 backing in a month  which is slightly unnatural, google will catch you. Now google is trying to find those naughty website those have tried it trying over do of SEO.

2. Increase in your competitor SEO activities – Assuming that Competitors deliberately or not, may be doing something that you are not doing. Check them regularly, do not try to copy what they are doing but just be little careful. If your competitors is doing something that pleases visitors do it. If they are trying to please google only leave it.

You may not stop your competitor. Some time it is hard to identify a competitor.

3. Increase in bad back links that you may not be aware of– There are lot of readers across the globe. You should track your backlinks once a twice a month. There are certain tools that could help you to identify the bad backlinks. Try them. Read – SEO tools to check competitors keywords and backlinks

4. Losing good backlinks
– Backlinks from a Good website is very important SEO factor. loosing  backlinks from some high DA website would decrease your website ranking.Check website all links regularly with the help of tools like Semrush. In case you find that you are looking backlinks from good website. Try to get the Backlinks back.

5. Change in Your own SEO activity level – I would give one example to explain this point first. A page we considered faster enough few years back may be very heavy in today’s context. The same logic is applicatie to website as well. Specially for images. Now there are multiple tools available to provide lighter images.

If your are not looking opportunity to improve SEO factors like this your may lose ranking. Website ranking will decrease in case it is not updated to current standard. Upload speed, responsiveness and server response time are few things that have increased over the time.

When was the last time did you think about it?

6. Mobile friendliness– No need to give numbers to provide that how fast mobile users have increase over the time. The desktop user would be very less in terms of percentage in next few years.

Have you checked your website mobile friendlyness?

If not, then do it urgently. It may be one of the reason your website traffic ranking has gone down.

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