What is voice biometrics used for authentication

Remember a movie scene from 2012 where as Italian billionaire Yuri says ” Engine start” and then engine of the car starts. Or you must have seen the latest Android version where as you can use your voice to unlock your phone.

In all above cases voice is used as a authentication. These machines have started recognising human voice.There are many companies using voice for attendance system. Voice is being used as a additional security layer in many bank’s mobile application.

In this blog we are going to explain how these machines and applications are able to identify your voice.

Voice biometrics authentication

How your voice is recognized by softwares or apps?

In most cases you are required to register yourself for voice authentication. In some cases you are enrolled for voice recognition mechanism by your employer or organization. When you do this enrolment or registration, you are typically required to speak few phrases for 3 to 4 times.

In many cases, your voice are passively recorded and analysed. Though it is illegal in many countries to record such voice without your permission. In above cases, the software or application creates your voice identity. These voice identities are called voice prints.

Each time when you what to access a system, or want to put your attendance , or want to unlock your phone you speak a word or phrase.These machines with match your voice with the voice prints in their records and in case it is matched, the authentication becomes successful.

What is voice biometrics ?

Voice biometrics are your voice DNA. Voice biometrics are digital identity of your voice. Based on your voice, the applications will  create digital voice prints that is a collection of various parameters such as your physical characteristics and behavioral characteristics. Almost 150 characteristics are used by a good application to create your voice DNA called voice biometrics.

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