What is WordPress Cloud Hosting -A Guide For Everyone

In order to understand term ” WordPress Cloud Hosting “. You need to break it into two parts, Wordpress + Cloud Hosting. Because, It is combination of entirely two different services, WordPress & Cloud Hosting. The entire part of this article will cover each of these services.
What is wordpress cloud hosting

What is WordPress-

WordPress is website building tool. In simple words, WordPress enable you to make a website yourself even if you don’t know coding.

Technically, WordPress is A Content management system ( CMS ) that is used to manage the website component such as pages, images , blogs, category etc.

WordPress is widely accepted website building tool for all. Millions of people are able to make their own website using this free tool.

Yes, you heard it right. WordPress is a free open source software for everyone.

You you have been using facebook, emails and are able to post some pics and comments on social media platforms then you can also build a website using wordpress yourself.

What is Cloud Hosting –

I am sure, most of you know that every website needs a Web host. Web host is a server where your website is stored. Your website is nothing but a program file. This file needs a space to be stored. Cloud server are nothing but advance and easy web servers that host your website program file.

Cloud hosting is latest technology in hosting industry. It is quickly replacing traditional serves across the globe. In few year down the line thee will only be Cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is a faster way of hosting services and are considered to be secure as well.

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What is WordPress Cloud Hosting –

In order to make life easy for a commoner , the website hosting provider combines this wordpress CMS with Cloud server and offer you a WordPress Cloud  Hosting Service.

So that you don’t need to find a server and install WordPress Separately.

In wordpress Cloud hosting service, all you need to do it’s create a account with a wordpress cloud hosting provider. Almost every hosting provider offer you one click wordpress install so that you don’t need to go here and there to find a WordPress software.

Sitting at your home, without knowledge of any coding language you can create your own Website website on latest Cloud technology.

WordPress Cloud Hosting Service Providers & Cost-

There are more than 1000 cloud hosting providers, Only few of them are providing Integrated wordpress solution with cloud. The following are some of the best international level web hosting providers  for source the starters offering you advantage of cloud with wordpress-

Bluehost cloud site are best wordpress integrated cloud hosting solution for everyone that starts follow site only at $6.95 per month. You also get free domain and buy generic propecia online cheap 30 day money back guarantee.

2. Cloud hosting by Hostgator

For the indian centric users this is the best option. Hostgator cloud solution starts at only Rs 475 per month.


There are some other service providers as well, You can read all about them at – List of trusted and affordable cloud hosting providers in india 

Why should you use cloud hosting for wordpress website?

The technology is new, this is one of the basic reason for anyone who is thinking of next hosting solution. Having said that these are few of the main advantage of cloud hosting for any website-

Speed –
Answer is simple, Cloud hosting is best suited for a website where as website speed is most critical part. Cloud host are much after then any traditional servers.
E commerce website is best example of such website. If you website does not respond for a second you may lose a customer.
It is said that if your website is not opening in 4 seconds, you would lose 25% of your visitors.

Easy Scalability
– Few business needs urgent increase in capacity of the servers. Cloud hosting works best for such requirement. As it is relatively easy and quick to increase the server capacity on demand.

Reliability – Most of the cloud service providers use the technology called “Data mirroring”. Under this technology it is very easy and quick to copy your data to other server.

The point is, in case of any breakdown or attach, These cloud service provider can quickly shift your data to other location or device. That makes a cloud hosting far reliable than any other physical and traditional hosting service.

Should a blogger use wordpress cloud hosting –

You should use wordpress cloud hosting over tradition wordpress shared hosting for better website performance and delivery. If you –
– have a price comparison website ,
– want a woocommerce plugin to sell certain products
– are hosting lots of media file such as videos and audio
– are in business and needs frequent upgrade in server capacity
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