What Should Be The Length Of A URL Or Slug-Ideal Slug Length For SEO

SEO tips#3 After explaining the ideal length of a blog post and guiding reader to write impressive blog post, this time I am going to share the Ideal Slug Length for SEO. In other words you would leann how long a Slug or URL of a blog post should be for getting higher ranking in search results. Let me be clear at one thing, my views may be very different from very popular sites but are based on my own real experience.
Ideal Slug Length


 I have applied these techniques  and was able to get better ranking, in fact many of my blog post are my own top 10 pages in terms of views per month. 
how to order lasix online What does yoast SEO plugin says about the Slug length – Yoast is no doubt best adopted on page SEO analysis tools. According to Yoast is the ideal  length of the slug should be around 38 letters. 

inderal 40 buy What does google say about slug length:– Google, as per the nature have never been 100% open about the slug length, however it advices not to keep it very long or very short.


accutane side effects canada Some historical trend :- Earlier a slug used to be very short , Observing the very old website, you would find that average slog length was about 10-20 letters, very few of them rank on google first page nowadays in spite of having good as well as old content.



Ideal Slug Length For SEO

My experience :- Most of my blog post have been published exactly according to yoast guidelines in slug length,( eventually as per google as well). But those who ranked well and got more page views in shorter duration of the time had more letters then 38. Two of my blog post having more then 38 words have ranked much better the most of the blog post that have 38 letter slug length. Subsequently getting more organic traffic.

Conclusion :– Based on my own experience I can confidently say that the Limit of 38 words could be stretched if –
– it adds value to the blog post.
– It is required any how. (Just do not squeeze it to less the 38 letters for the sake of doing it)
– if a long trail keyword or key phrase requires to be present in slug and limit is going beyond 38 letters then do not shy, go ahead. Follow basic On Page SEO tips as well.

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