Yoast Plugin Limitations – What It Can Not Tell You About SEO

Yoast SEO plug in has been first choice for thousands of the blogger around the world. In my blog How to Make WordPress Blog Post SEO Friendly Yoast Plugin we have talked about all positive impact it can make to boost search engine rankings.  Though even after being the best SEO tools you can count some Yoast Plugin Limitations.

No wonder it’s on page SEO tools have helped many new comer and established blogger to optimize there WordPress blog post to get preferred google search engine ranking. But there are several aspect of SEO that Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress is not able identify and thus as a complete SEO tools it is incomplete. In this blog post “ how can i order accutane Yoast Plugin Limitations you will learn what Yoast SEO plugin not telling you.In other words apart from getting green signal what else you should be doing to optimize your word press site for search engine.

provigil no prescription 1. Duplicate Content  :- Yoast SEO plug in not able to identify the duplicate content or copied content. I am sure that posting a duplicate content is one of the worst thing to do for SEO as search engine does not give preference to a copied content, at times it can penalize the website as well.

advair diskus price in india 2. Back linking :-Number of Back links are another police signals for SEO. Even if you write a excellent blog with original content with best SEO tips and get complete green signal from Yoast plugin, it cannot tell you how many back links are there with your blog post.
Yoast Plugin Limitations
3. Grammar Mistakes :-Correct  Grammar is another important aspect of Quality content. Quality content is no doubt a positive signal for Search Engine unfortunately Yoast SEO is not able to identify this.

4. Keyword popularity and competition :-Choice of right, SEO friendly, high traffic attracting keyword is every blogger dream. Yeast SEO analysis starts after entering a keyword or key phrase. I mean, Yoast SEO plug in will surely guide you in proper use of keyword or key-phrases from SEO perspective but it will not able to tell you whether the keyword selection was right or could have been better.

5. Duplicate Image :- It is the feature that I would be looking to see in Yoast SEO upcoming versions as the current version is is not at all able to identify


Conclusion :- My analysis may be too harsh because there is no single SEO plug in in the market yet that can do 360 degree SEO analysis of a website is blog. Yoast SEO plugin is best SEO tools for On page optimization post keyword selection .

As a blogger you must use YOAST seo plug in but should work on other aspect of the optimization separately to get better search engine ranking .

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